BeSimply…Feel into the Moment {LoveSelf}


What are you feeling? Learn how feel. Learn embrace your feelings and understand where your feelings are directing you. Listen and discover a new way to understand what, why and how your are feeling into each moment.

‘She’ will share how to cultivate a practice to assist you in learning how discerning what you are feeling. She will share why this is important and where to find inspiration to do the inner work. By harnessing a greater sense of self awareness, you will have an increased capacity for evaluating what is in every moment, optimize how to harness the energies that are present for the benefit of self and others. In addition, you will understand how to begin to contemplate the power of choice in every moment.

During this segment, ‘She’ will share parables, guide you through a guided contemplation and meditation. This will assist you in harness the ability to understand and detect what you are feeling. By detecting what you are feeling prior to attaching it to an emotion, story, past experience and more, you are harnessing yourself with the free will that exists in every moment. If you would like to learn more, listen to the segment above and send your questions to Suzanne at

feel into moment

Music: Random Rab The River, FateShadow, and Falling Tao

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