Yesmeen’s Purpose Project {TEDxVail}


 Give as You GO + Disconnect to Connect.

Join ‘She’ and Yesmeen Scamahorn as they dive deeper into the wisdom she shared in her TEDxVail talk. Yesmeen was lead to create Yesmeen’s Purpose Project.  She will share more about the service projects she visited in Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, and Guatemala and give us a call to bring into action into our lives. She will share how reverse culture shock impacted her life and inspired her to live simply. In addition, she will share the intimate details of her time in each locations and remind you of how precious life is. Which has inspired her to live in the moment and cultivate present moment awareness through her practice of meditation and unplugging from the noise. 

Connect with Yesmeen’s Purpose Project

TEDxVail Click (HERE) to see Yesmeen’s Talk

Call to ACTION… “Give as you go! and Disconnect to Connect” ~ Yesmeen Scamahorn


Vietnam Friendship Village

The Trailblazer Foundation

Mother Teresa’s Hospice

Ramana’s Garden

Millennium Elephant Foundation

Construction in Guatemala with small NGOs

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