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Liberation. Free Mind.

Dreaming is the extension of your mind. You can free the mind and find liberation by reflecting on your dreams. Initially, you can examine your dreams. You might be looking for a deeper understanding of what is unfolding in your life. If possible, you will want to acknowledge where you have any sort of imbalance in the mind, body, heart and/or spirit. The dreams (the mind) will assist by bringing your attention towards the disharmony. Objective interpretation of your dreams is very important because your attachment to a view, pattern and way of being will be reinforced in the dream. The mind will keep you locked into a cycle that perpetuates the affliction that is impeding your natural state of being, harmony. This pattern becomes the obstacle that needs to be understood and liberated to clear the mind and free part of you on a soul level. The dreams provide you a starting point to work on your psyche during the sleeping state.

When, you are interested in understanding your state of your mind, an opportunity arises to free your mind. Being that we are collectively engaged in co-creating reality as we perceive it, it is very common to pick up on another person’s dreaming attention. Especially those closest to you. This is no different than seeing the person in the waking state in everyday life. You are seeing another as an extension of your mind as it relates to the aspects of you. These are clues that lead you to the patterns that no longer serve. Those around you are ultimately helping you understand the relationship you have to the attachments that keep you from being in complete free with self and others. It is easy to get distracted and perceive that which you are witnessing as unimportant or not involving you or possibly triggering you. However, you can start to take responsibility for that which occupies your psyche.

A simple dreaming practice to assist you in liberate your dreams. First, take responsibility for what you are seeing with the knowing that you can address and free your mind from grasping and repeating the cycle. If it is an old trauma or free (more than likely it is), ask yourself do I really need to hold onto this story anymore? If you are ready to let it go, then ask yourself, where would you like to put your attention? Once, you have that answer, the next time you have the dream you can move your attention to there. It will take practice to remap the neurotransmissions to your brain. This process will be similar to re-writing the dream and take a different approach to your normal way of being.

When, the mind, the heart, the soul and the body return to a state of harmony, a clear the mind will remain empty during your waking and dreaming state. This is an indicator that the mind, body, soul and heart are in harmony. The humility rises naturally during this process because it takes practice.  Remember that we are all work in progress. To be noted, those who do not remember their dreams is an indicator of one of two things the mind is clear or you have not begun to take responsibility for the state of your mind. It is important to be honest with yourself.

If you would like to deepen your dreaming practice and unlock your mind, send an email to and book your a dream interpretation session. I can assist you in developing a practice to build upon what is being revealed to you in the dreams.


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