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Are you ready to recover from addiction? The recovery process will invite you to cultivate a deeper relationship with self. While, the process is organic and mysterious, it is possible to take it one day at a time. Paul Churchill provides a nature based approach to addiction. He offers on-line support groups, one on one sessions and opportunities to travel with like minded individuals.

Are you looking to make some changes in your life? Have you asked yourself if you drink to much? First, you can start by examining the quality of life that you are cultivating mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Then, you can identify if you are ready to embrace sobriety and the opportunity life offers you daily without alcohol.

With great excitement, ‘She’ is presenting a deeper dive into TEDxVail talk with Paul Churchill. Paul shares his knowledge about alcohol, addiction, recovery, and the opportunity that exists daily. Furthermore, learn how alcohol is impacting you physically, mentally and spiritually. In addition, he will share the services he offers at Recovery Elevator.

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