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Change. Practice…Breaks Habits. Practice…Creates Neuroplastic Change. Practice Deepens your relationship with YOU!

Change is Certain. Yet, we resit it. We cling to our habits like a life preserver that will keep us in a state of being that feels comfortable, predictable and safe. One of the reasons for this is because these patterns are engrained in the brain.

In order, to create a change that supports your entire well being (and cancels out old habits), you have to be willing to practice and repeat a new pattern. The new habit will create a new pathway in your brain. Eventually, you will have formed a new habit.

Simply put…direct your attention toward your well being. Shift ‘A’ habit to ‘A’ pattern that serve your well being.
Start small. Choose one thing to practice (i.e. morning workout, meditation or _____). Hint…this is your work (not your family and friends).

If you want to keep the brain on its toes. SWITCH IT UP! Embrace Spontaneity, Objective Observation and 360^ conversations rooted in study & research.

As inspired, LOOK in…It is beautiful in there!

 Winter. Poetry. (Click Here to Learn More)

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Liberation. Free Mind.

Dreaming is the extension of your mind. You can free the mind and find liberation by reflecting on your dreams. Initially, you can examine your dreams. You might be looking for a deeper understanding of what is unfolding in your life. If possible, you will want to acknowledge where you have any sort of imbalance in the mind, body, heart and/or spirit. The dreams (the mind) will assist by bringing your attention towards the disharmony. Objective interpretation of your dreams is very important because your attachment to a view, pattern and way of being will be reinforced in the dream. The mind will keep you locked into a cycle that perpetuates the affliction that is impeding your natural state of being, harmony. This pattern becomes the obstacle that needs to be understood and liberated to clear the mind and free part of you on a soul level. The dreams provide you a starting point to work on your psyche during the sleeping state.

Free the Mind. BEyond the DREAM (Click Here to Read More)


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