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Dignity. Self Worth.

Self worth and dignity are within you. Learn how to remember your self worth and embody your dignity. Often times, you might want to demand that others show you respect or see the value in what you have to offer.  However, rather than stomp your feet and scream, practice embodying your value and respecting yourself. This simple practice will invite others to see your worth and inspire them to honor you.

During this segment, we will explore our self worth, How to reconnect to ‘self’, Walk through a self-empowerment visualization and meditation.

This will assist you in remembering you.

Learn how to recognize the patterns of self sabotage. Recognize and welcome in your own ‘self’ worth.


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Call to ACTION

1. Cultivate self reliance through practicing embodying your dignity (aka self respect) and objectively realizing your self worth.

2. Dignity…practice treating self with respect. This includes your mind, heart, body and soul.

Self Worth…practice objectively defining and understanding your self worth. This vary in all aspects of your life. When you determine your worth and embody that value associated with it, others can do the same. For example, if you feel your contributions are of no value to your family. Everyone will feel your perception and reflect it back to you.

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