Meditation. Practice. Cultivating a Relationship with You.

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The Practice. Cultivating a Deeper Relationship with You.

Meditation requires a commitment and a regular, practice. When you sit in silence daily, your understanding of meditation will deepen. It is similar to learning how to swing a racket or how to snowboard; initially, you learn how to do it. Then, an opportunity opens up to refine the skill and expand upon your understanding of how to apply the wisdom. Meditation works the same way.

The benefits of meditation will include a deeper relationship with self, clarity will increase and focus will return. It is easy to talk about meditation, present moment awareness, mindfulness and even pretend you meditate. However, the act of meditation takes practice, dedication and discipline. It is easy to dabble in the practice here and there. If you are interested in deepening your practice, you have to make time for it. For beginners, I recommend 15-20 minutes, 2 times per day. For those who have meditated on and off 30-60 minutes per day. Established meditators, who have a regular practice, 1-2 hours per day. During your sit (aka meditations), I recommend you turn off the music and guided meditations (these are helpful training wheels); then, sit silently with self. Place your focus on your breath and/or you can visually focus on a small object. If your thoughts creep in, return your attention to your breath. Do not engage with your thoughts. Simply do nothing. Just be.

As mentioned above, the practice of meditation will assist you deepening your relationship with your self. You will have a better understanding of who you are on a soul level. Another bonus, is that your certainty will increase. You will know how and when to take action. This clarity will decrease the amount of time you waste running around in circles attempting to settle on your focus. Finally, your focus and presence will increase on a daily basis. The distractions will diminish.

So, rather than pretending to meditate. Why not start practicing? What do you have to loose anyway? (hint: absolutely nothing)

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Practice…Breaks Habits. Practice…Creates Neuroplastic Change in Your Brain.

Practice Deepens your relationship with YOU!

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Change is Certain. Yet, we resit it. We cling to our habits like a life preserver that will keep us in a state of being that feels comfortable, predictable and safe. 
One of the reasons for this is because these patterns are engrained in the brain.
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Liberation. Free Mind.

Dreaming is the extension of your mind. You can free the mind and find liberation by reflecting on your dreams. Initially, you can examine your dreams. You might be looking for a deeper understanding of what is unfolding in your life. If possible, you will want to acknowledge where you have any sort of imbalance in the mind, body, heart and/or spirit. The dreams (the mind) will assist by bringing your attention towards the disharmony. Objective interpretation of your dreams is very important because your attachment to a view, pattern and way of being will be reinforced in the dream. The mind will keep you locked into a cycle that perpetuates the affliction that is impeding your natural state of being, harmony. This pattern becomes the obstacle that needs to be understood and liberated to clear the mind and free part of you on a soul level. The dreams provide you a starting point to work on your psyche during the sleeping state.

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