BeSimply…Be Proactive Type 1 Diabetes {Betsy Ray}


 Type 1 Diabetes. Learn how to be proactive. Learn how to diagnose your child early.

Betsy Ray needs your help. What do you really know about diabetes? She’ll crush your assumptions, change your beliefs, move you to be tested.

Children are dying at the bottom of a cascade of beliefs that have rendered diabetes irrelevant and insignificant. Betsy Ray, Speaker, Diabetic, Educator, Consultant, Author, Activist, Cyclist, Fundraiser, Parent of a child with Type I Diabetes (19+ years), Founder/CEO Diabetes Activist, Consultant International Diabetes Federation – Global Blue Voices Initiative, Co-Host – The Bonnie Sher Show, Guest Blog Author – DiabetesMine, Delegate, DiabetesMine Innovation Summit, Stanford University, Eli Lilly Journey Award 50 year Silver Medalist, Founding Grand National Champion “Inspired By Diabetes” Competition, Lifetime Member – Guild of The Children’s Diabetes Foundation (CDF),  Owner Belvedere Belgian Chocolates, Cherry Creek North, Colorado wants to change that by altering the perception about diabetes. She believes misunderstandings about diabetes are causing avoidable suffering and death. Betsy asks, “How do we change public perception and awareness to end the Diabetes Pandemic?”

betsy ray type 1 diabetes

Betsy Ray

Betsy Ray at TEDxVailThis talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Diabetes Activist

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 type 1 diabetes betsy ray

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