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You Are, Therefore I AM…Take Responsibility for you.

With the RISE of MANY MOVEments…We are all being given an invitation to step back and objectively observe the bigger picture. Employ critical thinking, conduct 360^ research with quantitative & qualitative analysis to formulate objective debates, conversations and solutions. During, this investigation and educational process one will naturally begin to see the interconnection of all actions, effects and states of being. There is no separation within the flow of energy nor is there division within nature. The sun is not separate from the trees, the earth is not separate from the planets, the space around us is not separate from stars, the water is not separate from the air and you are not separate from nature. Which leaves me with many questions and the inspiration to consider more than just “ME”.

When, I take a step back and consider the whole. I am brought back to the words from Satish Kumar and the title of his book, “You are…Therefore I AM”. I clearly see how all our actions are interconnected and flow from one moment to the next…from one lifetime to the next. As, I attempt to digest that my past actions are collectively co-creating the present moment and my present actions are contributing to our future generations. I personally begin to deeply evaluate each choices I am making on a daily basis…the thoughts I am creating, the words I speak and the actions I take. More than not, I am humbled by my reactivity to the simplest things, emotive opinions and the “land minds” that point me directly to my inner work. It is at these tender and juicy crossroads that I seize the opportunity to look in; rather than, point the finger outward. From here, I become inspired to learn more from the inside out, take responsibility for my state of being and educate myself beyond what I think I know. It is within this continuous practice that I have a deeper understanding of my infancy, potential and the deeper meaning of “You are…Therefore I AM”.

As inspired, examine who you are, take responsibility for your choices, do your inner work and mindfully take action here and in the next considering all actions are interconnected. 

~ She (AKA Suzanne)

Practice Non-Violence and Improve your Well Being within Self.

kindness outrage peace

Be part of the social change by taking responsibility for your well being and mental health.

If you are outraged by violence, ‘BE’ part of the solution. As inclined, practice non-violence. ‘Take an Active’ role in improving your state of well being by nourishing your mind, heart, body and soul daily. As inspired, clear the violent thoughts from your mind, clear the violent words from your speech, clear the violent actions from your life.

If you are outraged, educate yourself on the staggering numbers of the world population that do not get mental health treatment. In addition, educate yourself about the individuals that are addicted to mental health drugs, recreational drugs and other habits with no real tools and knowledge on how to sustain well being. If you are suffering  from mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, stress, addiction and other mental instabilities, be honest with yourself and ask and find help immediately.

If you are outraged, educated yourself on how to be a better parent, teacher, community leader, neighbor, friend, family member, partner, and contributor to society. Practice interdependence not co-dependence.

If you are outraged, educate yourself on how to be a more empathetic and compassionate human being. Then, practice compassion and kindness daily.

If you are outraged, help your fellow human by pointing them in the right direction to get help. Recognize your limitations when helping others. It is important not to foster someone else’s mental illness, dependency issues, addiction and unresolved trauma. To be noted, reading a book or googling about a condition does not make you an expert.

If you are outraged, take a moment to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “How can I be the change from within?” (Click Here to Read More)

free mind

Liberation. Free Mind.

Dreaming is the extension of your mind. You can free the mind and find liberation by reflecting on your dreams. Initially, you can examine your dreams. You might be looking for a deeper understanding of what is unfolding in your life. If possible, you will want to acknowledge where you have any sort of imbalance in the mind, body, heart and/or spirit. The dreams (the mind) will assist by bringing your attention towards the disharmony. Objective interpretation of your dreams is very important because your attachment to a view, pattern and way of being will be reinforced in the dream. The mind will keep you locked into a cycle that perpetuates the affliction that is impeding your natural state of being, harmony. This pattern becomes the obstacle that needs to be understood and liberated to clear the mind and free part of you on a soul level. The dreams provide you a starting point to work on your psyche during the sleeping state.

Free the Mind. BEyond the DREAM (Click Here to Read More)


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