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 Self Love Guide. You Matter. Self Worth.

First, your lack of ‘self’ worth, sense of belonging and/or an external grasping are what creates disharmony within self.  Second, the most profound way to start investigating the root causes of  your suffering is by locating it within you. During, this process will assist you in self-identifying how to bring self into balance and cultivate harmony. Once, you understand why, where and how you matter to the world around you; you will be inspired to take care of you. Furthermore, the ripples will give you greater awareness with how and why to engage with the world around you. The self examination will be your self love guide.

Call to Action: Simply start the process by saying, “I matter!” Then, ask yourself, “Why do I matter?” Then, ask the universe (higher consciousness) to remind you. Meditate on it daily and be present each day with what unfolds around you. Finally, to learn more by listening in below.

Treat yourself to some

Energy YUM…Make FUN! 

If inspired, nourish you with a power packed pick me UP…Making food that will benefit your well being and a simple way to assist in shifting the local/national food economics.

(The foods we buy shifts supply and demand. More demand for clean foods. Shifts the world agricultural system. Eating less (if you think it costs more) leaves more food for others).

(all clean & organic as possible):
1 1/2 cups raw walnut halves
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (alcohol free, if you prefer)
1/4 cup goji berries
1/4 cuo dark chocolate chunks
1/4 cup pumpkin seeds
1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt
1/4 teaspoon mayan spice blend (Ground Cayenne, Cardamon, Cinnamon and Cocoa 1tsp each reserve extra blend for coffee, fruit or cereals)~she
1 cup soft dates, pitted (about 10 Medjool dates)
1 tablespoon water

Instructions: Soak the nuts in fresh water over night. Drain and blend in a food processor. Then, add the dates. Blend till these (2) ingredients have merged. Place in glass bowl and hand blend all the remaining ingredients. Finally, hand roll with love pouring from your heart and mind. Roll in Cocoa. Store in a cool place.

Additional cocoa powder with 1 tsp of mayan spice blend, for coating (optional)

As inspired, Keep It Simple….In ALL Aspects of Your LIFE!

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simple living presence complexity

Presence. Creative Energy Harness Objectivity & Actualize Your Vision.

During Spring, you have the opportunity to work with your creative energy and empower it with objective reality. Furthermore, objective reality will help you maintain harmony in all aspects of your life. Everything you create starts in your mind. Then, the thoughts and the imagination form words. Finally, the combination of thoughts, ideas, imagination and words lead one into action. When one brings presence to each moment and practices keeping “the mind” clear, objectiveness naturally arises. With this practice you can bring objectivity in all aspects of your life and creation.

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You Are, Therefore I AM…Take Responsibility for you.

With the RISE of MANY MOVEments…We were given an invitation to step back and objectively observe the bigger picture. Employ critical thinking, conduct 360^ research with quantitative & qualitative analysis to formulate objective debates, conversations and solutions. During, this investigation and educational process one will naturally begin to see the interconnection of all actions, effects and states of being. There is no separation within the flow of energy nor is there division within nature. The sun is not separate from the trees, the earth is not separate from the planets, the space around us is not separate from stars, the water is not separate from the air and you are not separate from nature. Which leaves me with many questions and the inspiration to consider more than just “ME”. (Click Here to Read More)

Practice Non-Violence and Improve your Well Being within Self.

kindness outrage peace

Be part of the social change by taking responsibility for your well being and mental health.

If you are outraged by violence, ‘BE’ part of the solution. As inclined, practice non-violence. ‘Take an Active’ role in improving your state of well being by nourishing your mind, heart, body and soul daily. As inspired, clear the violent thoughts from your mind, clear the violent words from your speech, clear the violent actions from your life.

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