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Healthy Eating Habits. Spring Cooking. Learn how to listen to your body. Deepen your connection to yourself.

The Alchemy of Food and Culture of Cooking and Dining. Engage with simple ways to interact with food, develop a new relationship with how and what you eat. Discover and reconnect new ways to nourish self, soil and society. Exploring your ROOTS through your culture and heritage. Establishing Healthy Food Habits.

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Healing with Whole Food by Paul Pitchford

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Spring Cleanse

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Spring Cleanse. Kitchari, Tea and Juice Cleanse. Conducting a cleanse between the transitions of seasons will assist you in retaining well being.

Kitchari Cleanse, Tea and Juice Cleanse (Click Here to Learn More)

The Kitchari cleanse is a very mild version of the traditional “Pancha Karma” cleanse and can be safely performed at home with minimal guidance. This particular cleanse is suitable for all body types as it can be modified to fit everybody’s individual needs. This cleanse consists of taking in a mono-diet of the classical Ayurvedic dish, Kitchari, which will allow the digestive system to take a much-needed break, giving it new light and the ability to properly flush out toxins in the system. In addition, you will have tea and juice blends selected custom to support your journey. Suzanne makes herself available to you during the cleanse, provides sound therapy on the way in and on the way out of the cleanse. In addition, encourages you to become self aware of where you are ready to heal, transform and take action in your life.

Furthermore, the cleanse is offered in conjunction with or separate from, a holistic program that unlocks the student’s potential. Another option, is to participate in the cleanse independently. Suzanne instructs her class with an integrative approach. The class is a blend of wisdom of Chinese, Tibetan, Native American, Ayurvedic and Yogic systems. She couples this with knowledge from her combined 30 years of experience as an endurance athlete, who trained as a swimmer, marathon runner and yogi. In addition, her practical knowledge of how she retains balance and restored harmony in her life while raising a family, transitioned through major life changes, built her own businesses and consulted on a variety of business projects.

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In the Mind You and Food: Unlocking Your Potential class, students learn how to develop a healthier relationship with food, self and others. Furthermore, they will unlock their potential and transform their lifestyle. Simultaneously, the participants will identify current imbalances. The students will learn how to transform their disharmony. Suzanne’s techniques give the students the skills to bring the entire body into balance. The results include well being, motivation, increased creativity and self-worth. In addition, each student will learn how, when and why to support your entire being (mind, body, heart and soul).

The results within the class and begin to be realized during a cleanse will include: develop and maintain a holistic relationship with self & others, reduce and eliminate stress/anxiety, learn how to harness your full potential, maintain a lifestyle that supports your well being and remember your worth. It is important not to use cleansing or diets to fix a perception of your body. It is better to heal the psycho-spiritual root cause and make healthy lifestyle changes. Trend juice cleansing and fasting can lead you into binge eating patters and to develop an unhealthy relationship with self. This cleanse is a great way to deepen the understanding of the classes lessons and/or an opportunity to start the process with a cleanse.

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BeSimply…Move int Action {LoveSelf}

Cause and Effect. Moving from feelings… to our emotions into ACTION.

You can feel, emote and move into action for the benefit of self and others. Present moment awareness is a powerful practice. However, it is easy to forget (or not completely understand) that your current actions are paving the way into your future.

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BeSimply…Flowing into Spring {Food Alchemy}

Spring Season. We will explore spring time and check into how to listen to your body and identify if your liver energy is moving in harmony to support your daily life.


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