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Ganesh. LoveSelf. Remove Obstacles.

During this segment, we will explore the mind, speech and actions. Furthermore, I will be including a few simple practice to remove the obstacles from your daily life and from the world around us. These practices will be supportive of deepening your relationship with self and cultivating self love. In addition, I will share how Ganesh and his teachings is a helpful guide to learn from.

Ganesh is a deity and archetype from India that is a teacher and a mystical guide. Now, you might find it odd to “worship” a half man and half elephant ‘god’. However, I encourage you to meet Ganesh in the form of a teacher that guides you to look within. When engaging in a spiritual practice there are ancestors waiting to guide you from the unseen. These energies help guide one to rise up to higher states of being. While, in many traditions there is attachment to something external doing the work, saving self&others, and making miracles happen. It is quite the opposite these deities show you how to access all of those things from within.

This week, was Ganesh (Ganesha’s) Birthday. This is one being that has encouraged and guided me in the most mysterious ways many times over. He constantly reminds me to Listen, Speak Less, Accept What Is as peacefully as possible, be objective, focus, stay on my spiritual path, reserve the blessings, let go of that which does not serves, be efficient, adapt, the whole world supports you and is available to you, soften your gaze and keep a balance between your spiritual path and the material world.

As inspired, take one of these wisdoms and contemplate your relationship to that concept and see what reveals itself within you.


remove obstacles, ganesh

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forgive be free

Forgive Self, Forgive Others and Be Free.

We will be explore the authentic practice of forgiveness. When we release ‘self’ and others we create an opening for healing, transformation and clear forward moving.

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Thoughts rattling with resonance of sand etchings
Pictures blur between fiction and fact.

“Sound” fades as sand blows ‘Way’
Memories welcome “Lost”

Heart opens…air creates space
Emotions fly way with the essence…
A spring bouquet!

What more do you need to address?

Mind clears with silence’s aide
Heart breathes…Way to another Day.

How do you want to DRESS?
Does it warp and hold you in your ‘best’?

Do the worn threads remind you of
what you want not to forget?

Does ‘Mind’ know Best?
Heart sighs and GIVES ‘Way’
Creating Space for ‘Yet’ ‘Another’ & ‘Day’…
May it reflect ‘BEST!’ ~ ‘She’

Spring Transitions fall

respect masculine energy free will

Respect the Masculine Energy (Click Here).

We continue to focus on our Solar Plexus Region. Our Actualization Center. It is the region of the body that calls upon our life force to move forward. Employing the gift of ‘Respect’…for self and others to catalyze change. Learn how to respect your inner father and your inner life force…clearing our energy field.

Call to Action… Take time to generate and balance your inner fire by exercising on a regular basis.

love peace inner voice

 Love. Self Reliance. Part III

More than not, I hear from students, clients and radio listeners how they struggle with feeling alone and do not truly love themselves. Which is often reflective in the relationships they maintain in the world around them. In this segment, you will discover how self-reliance will assist you ending co-dependent relationships.

First, you will explore what self love is. You will learn how to cultivate self care and reliance. Second, you will examine how self reliance will assist in creating balance in your life. Third, you will learn how to identify and end patterns of dependency. I will reveal how self love is the key to being empowered. Furthermore, I will guide through a self-love visualization and meditation. Finally, I will explain why self-reliance will assist you in cultivating inner peace and happiness.

 Call to ACTION

1. Cultivate love through practicing embodying your dignity (aka self respect) and objectively discovering what self reliance is.

2. Daily Meditation 10 minutes-30 minutes

3. Be Kind

self worth love self

Meditate on Alone.

Discover you are not alone. Connect to your Inner Voice, Heart and Journey HUM. An opportunity to let go of your suffering.

Join ‘She’ for a 15 minute Guided Meditation. Sound and Silence Meditation…Listen to your Heart.

Simply take a short respite for your inner well being. (Click Here) 


3 Cups of Tea and 3 Questions with ‘She’


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