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Music and Money. Join Thomas Ardavany & Suzanne Toro on JoyScore Live.

We have special guests Greg Wendt and Matt Kalin. Greg and Matt will share the wisdoms and joy with Money and Music. In this segment, Greg and Matt we will shine a light on wealth, joy, rhythm and flow. In addition, We will dive into our guests drive, inspiration, passion and dedication. Finally, they will share how to shine in the world of living economies, green practices, music and the great outdoors.

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Endangered Animals. Amazon Wisdom. (Listen and Watch by Clicking Here)

The wisdom of the Amazon and Acting from Brionne Davis. In addition, Jon Mack and Chalyce Macoskey help raise awareness around endangered species and well being.  Furthermore, Thomas Ardavany and Suzanne Toro share their wit and wisdom as they elevate your JOY and State of BEING!

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