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Poetry from Bare Naked Bliss was my way of foreshadowing what is going to be revealed in the upcoming chapter or within the next passage. The use of metaphors within poetry, writing, music and the arts provides the individual taking in the words and/or imagery an opportunity to meet the moment with their state of being. When these to conditions intersect their way in which they are being in the world will shift in frequency. The space given is a gift and an invitation to be and receive as you are. The contemplation after the poem (in this case) are ingested is an opportunity to go deeper into your subconsciousness and the heart of your soul’s intelligence. As inspired, be with this poem and all of you. BareNakedBliss on Amazon

As inspired, be with this poem and all of you. 

Find space to contemplate poetry with a love wake.

An invitation to ‘sit’ with the silence and feel OM reverberate.
Accessing the heart’s medicine to transcend our darkest take.


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