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Tom Ardavany and Suzanne Toro continue the “SolVibes” conversation with “The Possible”. This is the first of a series of conversations where we connect you with “the possible” in each moment. In addition, we dive deeper into ICE CREAM TALK with our Indie Creator, Dina Amadril, inventor of Long Beach Creamery. She shares her joy, inspiration and creativity she has for making delicious ice cream and serving others. This Indie Creator is going to share the love and the challenges she experienced within the birth of her vision.

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Tom Ardavany
Long Beach Creamery
Fighting Chance Film Education
Bare Naked Bliss

Thomas Ardavany

Oneness Talk Radio

Another Recent Broadcast

Heart of Yoga. Inner Union. 10,000 Suns. Music.

An in-depth interview with Saul David Raye. They dive into the heart of yoga, celebrate Saul’s new album, 10,000 Suns…Music for Healing, Peace & Awakening. In addition, Saul shares his wisdom as one of the wisdom keepers of Yoga in the West and East. He shares how the fullness of life leads us to the sacredness in all that is and we have the opportunity to dance with this energy in life. Finally, if you want to explore these concepts further simply press play above or below.

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“The path of yoga is to awaken the heart…mind.” Saul David Raye

Music: Mother I Feel You (Gayatri Mantra) and the Nepal Song May All Beings Be Free

Saul David Raye

Atma Music

New Album: 10,000 Suns Music for Healing, Peace & Awakening

Seva Song: Nepal Song May All Beings Be Free

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Check out Bare Naked Bliss…Loving From Within by Suzanne Toro

Bare Naked Bliss…Loving From Within is a self help book that will guide you to a place of self reliance, self healing,  and present moment awareness. The book provides you with tools to release the suffering and embrace living in every moment (even during the highs and lows).

Suzanne Toro shares some of her life experiences and other parables with the revelations she has discovered as she let go of suffering and embraced living.  She guides you to an understanding that when we release the attachment to the suffering, it no longer will affect our present or future life. She shares these tools with the intent to remind you haw to live in a state of love, joy, compassion and truth with your highest self. Ultimately, you will connect with how to love and live from within. You will discover bliss. Suzanne is dedicated to helping others return to their highest state of being.


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