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BeSimply…Remove Obstacles {LoveSelf}

BeSimply...Remove Obstacles {LoveSelf}

Ganesh. LoveSelf. Remove Obstacles.
 During this segment, we will explore the mind, speech and actions. Furthermore, She will share a simple practice to remove the obstacles from your daily life and from the world around us. These practices will be supportive of deepening your relationship with self and cultivating self love. In addition, She will share how Ganesh and his teachings is a helpful guide to learn from.


BeSimply…Beyond Here {Sound&Silence}

BeSimply...Beyond Here {Sound&Silence}

Mindfulness is something that is remembered. 
It can not begin to be understood until you remember it. It is very popular term and idea in meditation “pop culture”. 
Everyone is encouraging others to be mindful to play mindful; yet, that is not mindfulness. It is what is remembered in meditation and cannot be put into words; however, once it is remember one can begin to integrated the principles and understandings into your present state of being. This is because you begin to realize the interdependent and true nature of cause and effect and your part in it. 
Then, the mind is blown and you start practicing being mindful. ~’She


BeSimply…Be {Sound&Silence}

BeSimply...Be {Sound&Silence}

Be. Presence. Meditation. Join ‘She’ for a 15 minute Visualization with Sound and Silence…BE

During this segment: Guided meditation to connect you to the your ‘Breath, your CENTER’, inner peace and your breath. In addition, connectto your Peace, Voice and Heart!


BeSimply…Embracing ‘What Is’ {GivingTree}

BeSimply...Embracing 'What Is' {GivingTree}

Acceptance of ‘What Is’…

In the mind, anyone of us can grasp for something that we wish we had. Simultaneously, ignoring, rejecting or overlooking…‘What is’. During these moments, the processing, emotions, thoughts and perceptions build to support the grasping. Oftentimes, the turmoil increases and one cannot embrace or see ’what is.’