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BeSimply…The Dance Continue {CycleLife}

BeSimply...The Dance Continue {CycleLife}

Today, is in auspicious day for me…
As a young child, I was very aware of the cycle of life. I was cognisant of my relationship to birth and death. At the age of 5, I had a transcendental moment when I said to myself, “I am here again.” (I shared this story in the book I wrote, Bare Naked Bliss). In that moment, I came into awareness within my physical body as it was related to my soul’s journey. I sensed deeply that I had been here and apart of this world, prior to this life. Shortly after this moment, I had a deep awareness and yearning to know the day I was going to die. Not years prior but actually the day of or a few days before. This was inspired after watching a film about Sitting Bull (at the age of 7 or 8) and his contemplation of death prior to entering a battle. His ability to listen every morning at sunrise and approach the battle and death with stillness inspired me. These were deep thoughts for a young child and quite natural for an eternal being who wanted to sharpen her awareness and practices within the present moment (in or out of body).