Finding Balance Excerpt from Chapter 4


I want to post this to be the start of a dialogue about how we can find balance between our Masculine and Feminine Energy. I will continue to expand on this topic beyond what I even shared in my book…

Chapter 4- The Power of the Masculine and Feminine Energies

In a brief moment, thy began to imagine a time when an ignition and explosion occurs. A memory of two forces longing to reunite, the union had been lost. With an unsuspecting existence, the two forces ran into each other.

Universal Connection

After I started pealing back the layers of my outer and inner self with meditation and by incorporating the BRIDGE, I felt much more stable and centered, but still felt deep down that something within me remained out of balance. Meditation was helping me to let go and remember who I was, but I still held onto deep emotional triggers and pains. And no matter how well I incorporated the BRIDGE I still felt imbalanced. I decided to detach and not to stress about this realization. I would trust, wait, and see. Sure enough it was revealed to me that the masculine and the feminine energies that exist within me were out of balance and this imbalance kept me from fully healing.

Now, I will take you on a journey into how the masculine and feminine energies manifest in our lives, what happens when these energies are out of balance, and how you can use them to completely bring yourself back into balance. Taking time to understand the masculine and feminine energies that exist within you, will assist you in finally healing your wounds and keep you from making choices in your life that do not serve you. But first I would like to share an ancient story about the Hindu God Shiva and the Goddess Shakti, which will serve as an introduction to the masculine and feminine power that resides in all of us.

Who are Shiva and Shakti? In sacred Vedic texts Shakti is defined as the feminine energy and Shiva as the masculine energy. The masculine Shiva represents the fire that lays dormant within you; this fire gives you the power to create. The Shakti feminine contains the power to ignite the fire and make real flames for creation. It is within their union that Shiva cultivates the power of creation. Without the feminine energy creation is merely an idea that does not manifest into creation. The Vedic texts explain that it is from the dance of Shiva, the masculine energy, powered by the feminine energy of Shakti that the universe was created….


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