BeSimply…John Lamb Lash {The Masculine}


Dive into a conversation between Suzanne Toro and John Lamb Lash 
as they have candid discourse about the remembrance  within Sophia's Correction.
Will humanity wake up from the amnesia?
Will  the male species remember honor and honesty?

Article mentioned:

Goddess to the Rescue

Sophia's Correction the reading of the Mythos

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One Response to “BeSimply…John Lamb Lash {The Masculine}”

  1. scott st g says:

    … John Lash – lol… ‘911 – huge psyop; war on terror – huge psyop, people simply losing their way through fear and over reaction, (is there something we can do to not be caught up by the psychological warfare that can liberate people from the massive psychological warfare) so on so forth… into his ‘practice’ — a ‘visionary practice’ that is to say that is the label I put on it and its actually a practice with mythology; myth is a very powerful narrative toward truth and there are certain myths that bring people to truth and many that do not, one has to know which ones to pick; so he goes on… into the myth of ‘sophia’… a ‘voracious’ myth, that is a truthful myth that can guide humanity in the right way… that is the myth is more powerful that we carry in our own imagination and hearts to over power the assault of fear and confusion from outside so on… so that’s already a tremendous thing to know — into the mystery of the rider less horse… what I like about what John is saying is that it’s very ‘no prisoners approach’ — he’s very good at relating to ideas and espousing the solutions through the metaphors and helping guide people toward ‘truth and sanity’; is also very humorous in a sardonic way because I think what he’s saying really trumps the dull dumb dumber non-lucent non-cogent neo con kabalistic elitist trash world… he slams the status quo by the default of his intelligent dialogue – matter of fact and sardonic. Themes of the debunking of the indoctrinations and dogma correlating to the ‘Abrahamic religions’ with ‘gods great interventions’ — and so on Great! John Lash – the great debunker of the elitist oligarchical mind disease perpetrators of kabalistic Abrahamic mysticism… liberator of minds trapped by kabals:-)… “When the worst people on the planet would like (us/people on Earth) to take control… pre-warning that one can get ‘killed’ calling ‘their bluff'” so on so forth — ‘delivering the death blow to patriarchy… and the toxic mythology of Salvationism, deconstruction of the Abrahamic myth system — mass religion debunker. He’s very insightful and sardonic, surely to be disturbing to the corroded status quo. “…the planet is a big big very big animal… lol, very funny.

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