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Dreaming Practice. Conscious Awareness.

Learning to retain (conscious presence) awareness in the dreaming practice will assist ‘self’ in retaining awareness in the awaking state. In addition, it will assist self in reconciling fears, liberating karma and preparing oneself for death. Which ultimately, leads one to the next birth. This state of consciousness will become a guide and give one a steadfast certainty as the soul walks between lives without getting distracted. These distractions are thoughts, emotional disturbances, and attachments that keep one from moving forward without hesitation.

Simple ways to begin brining consciousness to your dreams is to first consider the following:

1.       Meditate before going to bed. Sitting in silence for 20-30 minutes. Followed by breathing into the each of the seven chakras (3) times with an inhale and exhale.

1st Root Chakra (Muladhara) -hold the attention with the breath at the base of the spine. 2nd Sacral Chakra (Svadhishana)-hold the attention with the breath at the hip region.

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)-hold the attention with the breath at the stomach region.

4th Heart Chakra (Anahata)-hold the attention with the breath at the heart center.

5th Throat Chakra (VIshudda)-hold the attention with the breath at the throat.

6th Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)- hold the attention with the breath at the center of the forehead.

7th Crown Chakra (Sahaswara)-hold the attention with the breath at the crown of the head.

2.       When you wake up, if you are very clear and remember the dream, record your dream. Then, meditate for 20-60 minutes. If the dream is not clear then, meditate first and record later if you remember. Date the dream and do not bring a lot of thought or judgement into what you feel the dream means. This is best reviewed by someone like myself that has an adept dreaming practice and the ability to decipher the dreams. This guidance is valuable and will help you understand what your soul is working through, what is on the horizon and how to liberate and support your waking state. Similarly, the importance for having a meditation teacher it is equally important to have a dreaming teacher and guide. One can get lost in the sense of self and loose site of where is headed.

3.       Let it be. Let your dreams be and return to present moment awareness as your flow into your day. If there are aspects of the dreams that will assist you during the day, they will self a rise and you will become more and more adept to bringing awareness to those moments.  

dreaming practice

Start by practicing here. See what arrives and reach out for additional support, dream analysis and training. 

Reference Tsongkhapa’s Six Yogas of Naropa

liberation free mind

Liberation. Free Mind.

Dreaming is the extension of your mind. You can free the mind and find liberation by reflecting on your dreams. Initially, you can examine your dreams. You might be looking for a deeper understanding of what is unfolding in your life. If possible, you will want to acknowledge where you have any sort of imbalance in the mind, body, heart and/or spirit. The dreams (the mind) will assist by bringing your attention towards the disharmony. Objective interpretation of your dreams is very important because your attachment to a view, pattern and way of being will be reinforced in the dream. The mind will keep you locked into a cycle that perpetuates the affliction that is impeding your natural state of being, harmony. This pattern becomes the obstacle that needs to be understood and liberated to clear the mind and free part of you on a soul level. The dreams provide you a starting point to work on your psyche during the sleeping state.

When, you are interested in understanding your state of your mind, an opportunity arises to free your mind. Being that we are collectively engaged in co-creating reality as we perceive it, it is very common to pick up on another person’s dreaming attention. Especially those closest to you. This is no different than seeing the person in the waking state in everyday life. You are seeing another as an extension of your mind as it relates to the aspects of you. These are clues that lead you to the patterns that no longer serve. Those around you are ultimately helping you understand the relationship you have to the attachments that keep you from being in complete free with self and others. It is easy to get distracted and perceive that which you are witnessing as unimportant or not involving you or possibly triggering you. However, you can start to take responsibility for that which occupies your psyche. (Read More Click Here)

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balance chakra

Chakras. Meditation. Balance from Within.

Join ‘She’ for a 15 minute Guided Meditation. Sound and Silence Meditation..Balance from Within. Chakra Balancing.

Chakras are energy centers that assist us in retaining balance in our energetic, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. These energy centers connect to nerve centers located from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each one assists us in accessing what we need within our mind, heart, body and soul. Next, when we take time to focus our breath and place attention on these areas we will identify where we need support. These energy centers provide a bridge of communication from the quantum field of the universe to your physical body. You can imagine each one as a communication portal. This meditation will help you feel into opening each energy center (chakra). Finally, during this meditation you connect with these 7 chakra centers:

Muladhara (Root)

Svadhisthana (Sacral)

Manipura (Solar Plexus)

Anahata (Heart)

Vishuddha (Throat)

Ajna (Third Eye)

Sahaswara (Crown)

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