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Integrity…Learn How to Find Your integrity. If we do not feel aligned with our actions, we will experience depression, anxiety, doubt and fear. Our inner self has a code of ethics, which creates a road map to happiness, self ‘love’, and inner peace.

Explore and Align with ‘Self’, How to reconnect to Self?

Parables shared…Walk through a guided clearing experience and meditation. This episode will assist you in coming into Balance…

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Anger. Kindness. Forgiveness.

Anger is an emotion that will cause harm to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being. In addition, it will dissipate your ability to practice kindness and compassion. Furthermore, when you find balance with the emotion of anger. You will learn to let go of past grievances and learn how to forgive self and others. In addition, you will learn how to take that fire and wood energy and move it into action.

Learn how to responded to to anger internally and externally. Learn how to manage it within self and from others?

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 Forgive Self, Forgive Others and Be Free.

We will be explore the authentic practice of forgiveness. When we release ‘self’ and others we create an opening for healing, transformation and clear forward moving. (Click Here)

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 Love. Self Reliance. Part III

More than not, I hear from students, clients and radio listeners how they struggle with feeling alone and do not truly love themselves. Which is often reflective in the relationships they maintain in the world around them. In this segment, you will discover how self-reliance will assist you ending co-dependent relationships.

First, you will explore what self love is. You will learn how to cultivate self care and reliance. Second, you will examine how self reliance will assist in creating balance in your life. Third, you will learn how to identify and end patterns of dependency. I will reveal how self love is the key to being empowered. Furthermore, I will guide through a self-love visualization and meditation. Finally, I will explain why self-reliance will assist you in cultivating inner peace and happiness.

 Call to ACTION

1. Cultivate love through practicing embodying your dignity (aka self respect) and objectively discovering what self reliance is.

2. Daily Meditation 10 minutes-30 minutes

3. Be Kind

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