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All Life is Sacred….May we all return HUM.

The road into Hopiland and the mysteries that unfold there are reminder that beyond the veil of our perception there are energies that support all life on this planet. I have been deeply connected to Hopi on many different levels since I was a child and the “unseen”, years ago, Grandfather lead me back here. The Hopi and their ancestors continue to hold my attention, teach me and extend the opportunity to serve the Hopi Way. I have learned from some of the last of the traditional leaders and seen for my own eyes what it means to live in spiritual harmony with the earth and our fellow HUMANS. By listening more, speaking less and finding a humble heart…I have witnessed what is possible and accessible to all when living the Hopi Way. It is a simple life and one that is still being practiced in what feels like another world at Hopi.

“The Hopi are deeply religious people living by the ethic of the Hopi Way, Maasaw’s Way through peace and goodwill, spiritual knowledge, adherence to religious practices, and responsibility as Earth stewards. The Hopi culture places great value on family cohesion, stability and generosity, humility and respect, a work ethic of self-reliance, and valuing and honoring the needs of the entire community. In Hopi culture, giving isn’t charity. Giving and helping are embedded in spiritual and cultural ceremonies, as well as the normal routine of daily life. The Hopi people share with others because it helps to make the community stronger. The cornerstone of the Hopi Way is an initial idea, a ritual plan, and a prayer for success.

Among the Hopi, to give (maqa) has been at the heart of our society and social compact since time immemorial. The honor of giving means respecting and honoring both the giver and the recipient. In Hopi culture, giving is reciprocal, binding individuals and groups to each other and the spiritual realm. Work is a gift based on kinship and gender. Hopi people build their homes with sumi’nangwa, all together, and nami’nangwa, mutual concern for others welfare. The very cornerstone of Hopi society is the exchange of mutually beneficial gifts, and relationships reconfigured by those exchanges. Gifts are communications in a language of social belonging.

Traditional Values and Visions of A Hopi

A Hopi… one who’s lifetime quest is to gain strength and wisdom through prayer, education and experience; to acquire a practical & spiritual understanding of life in general and to acquire the ability to address life’s circumstances and community needs from an eagle’s viewpoint with a caring attitude & humility;

A Hopi….is one who fulfills the meaning of Kyavtsi by maintaining the highest degree of respect for and obedience to moral standards & ethics, so as not to knowingly abuse, alter or oppose the progressive order and cycle of nature and the sacred manifestations of the creator’s teachings;

A Hopi….is one who fulfills the meaning of Sumi’nangwa and will come together to do activities for the benefit of all, out of a compelling desire and commitment to contribute or return something of value or benefit to the society;

A Hopi….is one who fulfills the meaning of Nami’nangwa by helping one another or give aid in times of need, without having to be asked to do so and without expecting compensation for the deed;

A Hopi….is one who fulfills the meaning of Hita’nangwa by having the initiative to take care of something without having to be instructed, asked or reminded regardless if anyone will notice your effort but that it will make a difference;

A Hopi….is one who places the society’s and/or community’s interests and benefits ahead of individual and personal interests and gains;

A Hopi…is one who understands that to realize a dream, one must not only pray for his or her desires, but must make a sincere commitment and work diligently to pursue the dream or goal until it is achieved;

A Hopi….is one who understands that the creator has provided all the necessary resources needed by all living beings to co-exist here, including the means by which the human race can achieve a happy, healthy and self-sustaining life;

A Hopi….is one who understands that the greatest feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment is one’s participation in social and community functions or activities and knowing that your contributions have resulted in benefits to the community and people.” ~ Hopi

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 Love. Self Reliance. Part III

More than not, I hear from students, clients and radio listeners how they struggle with feeling alone and do not truly love themselves. Which is often reflective in the relationships they maintain in the world around them. In this segment, you will discover how self-reliance will assist you ending co-dependent relationships.

First, you will explore what self love is. You will learn how to cultivate self care and reliance. Second, you will examine how self reliance will assist in creating balance in your life. Third, you will learn how to identify and end patterns of dependency. I will reveal how self love is the key to being empowered. Furthermore, I will guide through a self-love visualization and meditation. Finally, I will explain why self-reliance will assist you in cultivating inner peace and happiness.

 Call to ACTION

1. Cultivate love through practicing embodying your dignity (aka self respect) and objectively discovering what self reliance is.

2. Daily Meditation 10 minutes-30 minutes

3. Be Kind

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Embrace Your Creativity. Paint the World with Bethany Halbreich. (Click Here)

She will share a deeper look at her TEDxVail talk Paint the World and the potential when we embrace our creativity. Furthermore, Bethany will inspire us into action with our creativity and a blank canvas.

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