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BeSimply…Hopi Way {Giving Way}

BeSimply...Hopi Way {Giving Way}

All Life is Sacred….May we all return HUM.
The road into Hopiland and the mysteries that unfold there are reminder that beyond the veil of our perception there are energies that support all life on this planet. I have been deeply connected to Hopi on many different levels since I was a child and the “unseen”, years ago, Grandfather lead me back here. The Hopi and their ancestors continue to hold my attention, teach me and extend the opportunity to serve the Hopi Way. I have learned from some of the last of the traditional leaders and seen for my own eyes what it means to live in spiritual harmony with the earth and our fellow HUMANS. By listening more, speaking less and finding a humble heart…I have witnessed what is possible and accessible to all when living the Hopi Way. It is a simple life and one that is still being practiced in what feels like another world at Hopi.