Breathe Life…Grand Canyon Adventure & Quest


The Grand Canyon Retreat with Suzanne Toro (aka ‘She’) will be held September 22nd thru September 25th. The transition into Fall Retreat is at the Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona. This retreat is an opportunity to connect to self, one of the seven wonders of the world and nourish the mind, body, heart & soul. Each day you will be lead by Suzanne through an inward journey that will deepen your connection to you. The nature at the Grand Canyon will serve as a conduit to guide you on your adventure. The wisdom that is buried deeply in these canyon walls will speak to those who ready and willing to listen.

If you feel the call, please join us. 

September 22 – 25, 2017

Additional add on’s in Flagstaff on the way in and Sedona on the way out. Please Inquire when registering.

The vast beauty of the Grand Canyon draws many from all over the world

to breathe in her essence and take in her grace.

While some, stop for a short visit and take a few pictures and others might hike the trails numerous times,

everyone receives an invitation to sit and stay awhile.

‘She’ is welcoming you to come and sit and explore the canyon by day and night.

 grand canyon retreat

Daily Activities . . .

Meditation, Yoga, Sound Healing, Hikes, Dreaming Attention, Teachings and Questing Time.

All Tea Ceremonies and Meals Included.

Each guest will need to bring a 1-2 person tent to sleep in with their sleeping gear.

We will start on the late afternoon early eve on the 22nd of September.


The camp site is at the Mater Campgrounds on the South Side of the Rim.


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*Art and Wisdom Shared by Jack Andrews


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