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Private Yoga & Sound Classes upon request. (

She is currently teach additional Yoga Classes at the Center for Discovery.

Monthly…Sunday, March 31, 2019

12:15 PM to 1:25 PM

Sound Healing Meditation Class at Olympix Fitness Center

meditation, practice here

 Meditation & Tea Ceremony

food alchemy honor respect

Winter| Nourish Self with Food Alchemy Classes,

respect you food

Private Yoga, Meditation, or Retreat/Vision Quest

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Upcoming Retreats

‘She’ offers private and semi-private retreats and quests in California or anywhere in the world. Retreats can be 1 day to 14 days.

‘She’ will create a custom retreat and container to assist in healing, moving through a transition, diving deeper into ‘self’ and/or mapping a new vision. E-mail: ‘She’ at

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Next Gathering…Fall 2019

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Adventure reflections from retreats!

Private Meditations: Send and Email to Request Private Instruction.

at BlogTalk Radio or download in your flow during the week.

Personal Meditation & Guided Imagery created for YOU!

Suzanne will create a custom meditation/visualization to assist in:
Healing - Attracting what you want in your Life 
- Reduce Stress
Release DisEASE OR Restore Balance.
Created with an offering or an exchange.  Send requests to
Kathryn's comments from Michigan: "Just wanted to let you know I  brought the meditation 
CD of Suzanne's with me to listen to in the car.   It was very  hard to close my eyes and drive, 
so I kept them open to  insure I wouldn't cause  an accident. It did help release a spot in my  
back that was  making me very uncomfortable with the open eyed  visualization : )  
I do not  recommend driving and meditating. However,  it can make you very sleepy but once
the problem had released, I felt  energized and awake!"

"Suzanne  is a true healer at heart - in more ways than one can imagine. Her  connection to the individual is next to none.
She is truly passionate  about her profession and demonstrates her love,
art and knowledge at  every opportunity. Highly recommend."
~Esthela Alarcon
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