Alchemy of Food, Wisdom & Regeneration

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Food Alchemy within Bare Naked Dinners – Teaser from Ryan Maples on Vimeo.

Food Alchemy is the transformative art of listening to you and the food you are preparing and eating. In addition, it is an invitation to deepen your relationship with self and the world around you. She will teach you how to hear and identify what your mind, heart, body and soul need. How to honor yourself and others with your mind, body, heart and soul. How to commune with the sacredness in you and food. All of these teachings will assist you in returning to your natural state of harmony.

The Food Alchemy Class coupled with a dining experiences create an innovative way for you to entertain and learn. ‘She’ designs these experiences to meet requests and needs of those participating. The Bare Naked Dinners and Food Alchemy Cooking Classes are created for for you and your guests. ‘She’ can prepare all the food and guide the dinner or guide you and/or your guests through participatory cooking class with the dining experience after. The process is simply outlined below and all you have to do is send a simple email request to Suzanne. In addition, she can simply help you balance your lifestyle, teach you how to cook, and educate on how to maintain nutritional balance on a daily basis.

The nutritional and science behind the wisdom she shares and accesses in the kitchen and with her students is a blend between Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Nature’s Way, Advanced Medical Nutrition and Yogic System coupled with indigenous practices. Everyone will have the opportunity to find where you need support and identify your natural needs, wants and rhythms.

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