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The following offerings will assist anyone who is undergoing medical treatment for an disharmony in their body or anyone interested in regenerating and building a stronger mind, body and heart.

Package 90 caps and 1 Gallon FormMULA QZT19

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Qzt19 Dragon Caps


Qzt19!™ is a specific series, of powerful Ayurvedic cell-food fuels as integrative health formulations. This product formulation series is nootropic and whole body energizing & harmonizing. The art of its origins is ZENALchemy, accomplished with a combination of ancient practices – principals & protocols and using newly emerging leap-frog technologies, innovation & insights, as a healing arts formulation based platform of health-optimization. The culture delivers a series of layered integrative products and superior health enhancement, by also understanding and experiencing the “Good Earth Medicine”. Elevated Health Life, ZAKLab™ – Alchemy Elixrs, are delivered, in a variety of forms and are of a high vibrational super-natural nature, serving to help attain balance, as superior for your health.

Qzt19 Dragon Caps

Qzt19! Formulations, termed as ‘Dragon series products’, come in a variety of gel capped formulations, and also include a health building, powerful and delicious liquid energy elixir formulations culture of Dragon series LiquidPrismElixrs™, that are made with structured, energized, living-energetic- hydro electron water.

Exchange: 90 caps for $90 (Plus Shipping Billed on Separate Invoice)

Additional information

Number of Capsules:90, 180
Dragon Cap Color:Dragon Cap Green, Dragon Cap Gold, Dragon Cap Black Selected based on your input after order is placed.
Pristine Roots-Elixirs Plant-based Minerals-Vitamins-Aminos

FORMULA QZT19! ‘PRISMATIC BIO-PHOTONIC’ LIQUIDS.  DARK & GOLDEN LIQUID PLANT BASED ESSENTIAL -MINERAL-ELIXIRS made with Plant based Mineral Concentrates in structured-living-h20. In its Dark & Golden Liquid Earths Minerals & Structured Living H20 – these concentrates are shipped,  directly to you, from our pristine-mineral-Earths, cold-press processing facility ZAKLabsWest™.  This product is packed with every essential form of Vitamins – Aminos & plant based minerals that the human body is ”missing from the food-chain”; in the metro-grids, the bar-coded atypical retail based grocery or on-line food-chain is missing what you’ve been far too long without”.  Please Note: For cost-effective larger bulk shipments [for resellers] we also ship in our 55 gallon and 330 gallon tanks may be arranged if your company or you, as an end-buyer, are a ”bulk-supply-side buyer”.  Otherwise, our liquid concentrates are typically shipped to you in the convenient & most economical per ounce in the 1 gallon jug size or if preferred we also ship to you in 1 liter sizes in any volume of containers requested. 

Exchange: 1 Gallon for $45 (Plus Shipping Billed on Separate Invoice)

Formula Qzt19!™  [a 4-corners ZAKLABSWEST e.g. apothecary-lab produced alchemical medicinal-elixir] comes in the concentrated mineral-vitamin-amino crystalline ormus fueled liquids and in the other plant based capsules & super-food-fuels based energy bars.  All three layers of the formulation enhance and empower the whole body-mind connection. 



A Few Features of these radically positive life enhancing liquids:

  • Radically reduces sleep deprivation issues
  • Radically increases health nutrient dense hydration and high grade nutrient absorption
  • Radically reduces inflammation in the overall body while super-charging the immune system to protect against deadly viruses and other major causes of ‘big health problems’
  • Delivers over 150 plus forms of alkaline and mineralized vegetal plant based minerals, vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals and earth elements
  • Cleanses, neutralizes and removes toxins while assisting in purging parasites, pathogens and viruses from the body
  • Changes blood surface tension allowing for the super earth elements, micro-nutrients, trace elements in their natural state to move through the cellular walls into the Mitochondria and provide energy into the entire cellular body
  • Provides nervous system protection
  • Creates an electro-magneto interaction between heart – brain while enriching healthy biome and
  • Generates more hydrogen [energy of the sun] from the blood flow through the heart during exchange of carbon-dioxide for oxygen. 

Qzt19!™ R A W Energy-Bars “fueL your ‘Inner-Chi’

[bio-photonic – prismatic – roots-elixir bars – pristine mineral-rich-fuel – for mind & body – protein-rich energy]

No Filler. All Killer. ™  FORMULA QZT19!™ InnerChiBar!™ This is a superior line-up of Mother Earth’s all-star teamThe top, untainted, energy-releasing, smooth-power of QZT19!™ ZAKLabs™ produced SupernaturalfueL™, w/minerals-vitamins & finest of pristine earth elements. The heavy hitters, the closers, a “super-group”of plant-based superior nutrition – gathered for you right here right now in 1 bar.  How’s that? SoYeah… now imagine putting a dose of all this in the tank every day.  Smooth. Real. InnerChi™ SupernaturalfoodFuel™. 

INGREDIENTS – ENERGY BARS that ”fuel your inner-chi” – Essential Reading About the Ingredients:

25.2g of plant-based Protein in the [Medium sized Bar]. Over 21 Superfoods+ QZT19!™ SuperFuels™ with [high-frequensea ormus  – crushed crystalline quartz, colloidal silver and concentrated cold-press of 80+ trace & elemental minerals – including 23+ Vitamins – Aminos & 40mg natural & smooth caffeine. Certified gluten free. Non-GMO. Pristine – ancient – Earths’ finest – cold-pressed elements & trace minerals. No artificially processed food. No artificial Color or flavors. Soy free.  100% Free of Processed Sugars.

Plant-based. Ethically sourced. Mother Nature produces the rarefied elements.  At ZAKLabs™, we convert and combine those rarefied elements into a SupernaturalFuel™ which you need, in order to have true health-optimization!  Sourced from pristine untainted geo-strata, the bars Alchemy is derived from Earths’ finest living-energies. In these energy bars is the alchemy derived from a superior form of energy you can absorb & use to FueLYourInnerChi™.

Exchange 6 Large Bars $90 per pack. (Plus Shipping Billed on Separate Invoice)

Also available: SOL + Luna Cycle Packages

Currently, only available in the USA. Soon to be offered Internationally. After first shipment, we will send a confirmation email to continue your subscription.