Clean Water Offering For Hopi Nation

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   Water is Life… The Awakkening Water Offering The Water Offering will give the Hopi an opportunity to clean up their ground water. We will be delivering (3) Kangen Water…

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Water is Life… The Awakkening Water Offering

The Water Offering will give the Hopi an opportunity to clean up their ground water. We will be delivering (3) Kangen Water Machines with additional pre-filters to Hopi Nation. This will provide accessible and clean drinking water for the local Mesa’s, Cultural Center and communities living nearby.

Current Situation: “‘We need water to survive’: Hopi Tribe pushes for solutions in long struggle for water some Hopi families don’t have running water. Many others have water tainted with arsenic. Steps toward fixes are finally taking shape.” Read more here>>>

Then and Now: Hopi relates to ‘Water as Life.’ This sacred offering will serve as a solution to clean up the groundwater. In addition, it will serve as a reminder to all of us of the sacred Hopi tradition and relationship to water.

Bucky Preston, Hopi stated: “This was something that I had always wanted to do for many years. We are forgetting our Hopi values. We are forgetting to help each other out. I want to see that effort return to our community. Putting Hopi life values and teaching at the forefront is the purpose of the run. Why are we taught to run early in the morning? Because running not only strengthens you physically, it strengthens you spiritually. A runner would take one of the many foot trails from the village in the early morning to a spring, take a drink from the spring and sprinkle himself with the cold water. This gave that person strength and provided healing for any ailments. Everything at Hopi involves water – Water is Life. Now, water is being abused and is depleting. In some places, it is gone and I want to bring awareness to the people.”

Current Conditions:

While the health effects haven’t been studied, Nuvangyaoma said, there has been an increase in cancer cases among Hopi people.

“We know it has a health impact,” he said. “Continuously having to drink arsenic water is just plain out not healthy.”

The severity of the contamination problem came into focus when the federal Environmental Protection Agency lowered its threshold for arsenic in drinking water from 50 parts per billion to 10 parts per billion. That standard took effect in 2006, and since then several water systems on the reservation have consistently had arsenic levels over the limit. The problem affects eight of the reservation’s 12 villages. In some communities, tests have shown arsenic levels as much as three to four times over the legal limit. The EPA has cited the operators of several water systems for violations and has told the tribal government to address the problem or face fines.”

How you can Help:

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