• Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere) is still flowing. We entering the Full Moon encouraging you to prepare for Spring. This Full Moon meditation is welcoming you to listen for you. Move beyond the collective musings on what this moment means for ‘ALL’. As inspired, listen for you. This meditation is an opportunity to connect to inner peace and work with the subconscious and conscious mind to assist in letting go, transformation, new fre

  • Way of Tea with dried flowers and herbs. These herbs will support you: lotus bulb, tangerine peel, chamomile, licorice root, and ginger root.

  • Change is Certain. Yet, we resit it. We cling to our habits like a life preserver that will keep us in a state of being that feels comfortable, predictable and safe. One of the reasons for this is because these patterns are engrained in the brain.

  • Offers an invitation to be still and explore the depths of our inner being. The shorter days and ultimately the darkness offer us an opportunity to harness all of our energy and observe and examine the depths of our inner being. During winter, we can replenish self, by simply mirroring nature’s way.