• Inner Peace is what will assist in generating world peace. During, this guided meditation I will guide you to your ‘Breath, your CENTER’ , and your inner peace. In addition, you will use the sounds, breath and silence to connect deeper to your heart.

  • Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern Hemisphere is HERE with the NEW Lunar Year (By Tibetan Count Losar is at 2147) arrives tomorrow 2.24.20. Time for a fresh start…Each MOMENT Welcomes is a NEW MOMENT. In this guided meditation, you will explore the new and reboot here.

  • Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere) is still flowing. We entering the Full Moon encouraging you to prepare for Spring. This Full Moon meditation is welcoming you to listen for you. Move beyond the collective musings on what this moment means for ‘ALL’. As inspired, listen for you. This meditation is an opportunity to connect to inner peace and work with the subconscious and conscious mind to assist in letting go, transformation, new fre

  • Winter is Here…A beautiful time to reflect and create. A guided meditation that will give you a moment to pause, reflect and vision for the winter season. Music MeShe On-Going…

  • Sound and Silence Meditation…Embracing Freedom. The most direct way to access your inner freedom and free will is to have a daily practice of meditation. Even if it is for 5 minutes that will be the foundation you can lay to your personal practice. In addition, meditation will bring you to a natural state of healing and regeneration. 

  • Join ‘She’ for a 15 minute Guided Meditation. Sound and Silence Meditation…Cultivating Trust! Welcoming in the silence! … Sound, Breath Practice and Silence! Re-Connecting to your Peace, Voice and Heart! Music By  YeShe…

  • Embracing OM…AHH…HUM…the highest self, the voice and the heart! Guided meditation to connect you to the your ‘Breath, your CENTER’ , and inner peace…Sound, Breath and Silence….embracing the rainbow body within!

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