Spring Plant, Juice and Tea Reboot+Cleanse

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Spring Balance + Reboot. Plant Based, Tea and Juice Cleanse…3, 5, 8, or 21 {You Choose}. Conducting a cleanse between the transitions of seasons will assist you in retaining well being.

The Spring Cleanse is a very mild version of the traditional “Pancha Karma” cleanse and can be safely performed at home with minimal guidance. This particular cleanse is suitable for all body types as it can be modified to fit everybody’s individual needs. This cleanse consists of taking in a mono-diet of the classical Ayurvedic dishes, which will allow the digestive system to take a much-needed break, giving it new light and the ability to properly flush out toxins in the system. In addition, you will have tea and juice blends selected custom to support your journey. Suzanne makes herself available to you during the cleanse, provides sound therapy (if ordered) and check ins on the way in and on the way out of the cleanse. In addition, encourages you to become self aware of where you are ready to heal, transform and take action in your life.

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Furthermore, the cleanse is offered in conjunction with or separate from, a holistic program that unlocks the student’s potential. Another option, is to participate in the cleanse independently. Suzanne instructs her class with an integrative approach. The class is a blend of wisdom of Chinese, Tibetan, Native American, Ayurvedic and Yogic systems. She couples this with knowledge from her combined 30 years of experience as an endurance athlete, who trained as a swimmer, marathon runner and yogi. In addition, her practical knowledge of how she retains balance and restored harmony in her life while raising a family, transitioned through major life changes, built her own businesses and consulted on a variety of business projects.

In the Mind You and Food: Unlocking Your Potential class, students learn how to develop a healthier relationship with food, self and others. Furthermore, they will unlock their potential and transform their lifestyle. Simultaneously, the participants will identify current imbalances. The students will learn how to transform their disharmony. Suzanne’s techniques give the students the skills to bring the entire body into balance. The results include well being, motivation, increased creativity and self-worth. In addition, each student will learn how, when and why to support your entire being (mind, body, heart and soul).

The results within the class and begin to be realized during a cleanse will include: develop and maintain a holistic relationship with self & others, reduce and eliminate stress/anxiety, learn how to harness your full potential, maintain a lifestyle that supports your well being and remember your worth. It is important not to use cleansing or diets to fix a perception of your body. It is better to heal the psycho-spiritual root cause and make healthy lifestyle changes. Trend juice cleansing and fasting can lead you into binge eating patterns and to develop an unhealthy relationship with self. This cleanse is a great way to deepen the understanding of the classes lessons and/or an opportunity to start the process with a cleanse.

Cleanse Procedures:

This section is to roughly guide you through the actual mono-diet cleanse itself. The Spring Cleanse is generally performed for 3-21 days depending on the individual needs and the desired results. During this cleanse, you are free to eat as much as you feel you need. However, it is normal to feel a low appetite especially after a couple of days into the cleanse.

Here are some important recommendations when performing a Plant Based, Juice and Tea Cleanse.

+Eat a mono-diet of a cleansing Ayurvedic recipes. This means that you should not take in any other foods at this time. The recipes consist of these main ingredients along with plenty of spices, ghee, cilantro, and lemon/lime juice to help increase the digestion and encourage the removal of toxins. The spice blends, juice recipe and teas will be selected to support your current body constitution and needs.

+Remove any caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, or other substances from the daily regimen. This is a very important and mandatory step during the cleanse. Your body becomes extra sensitive during cleansing and continuing any harmful substance will cause more damage than health during the cleanse.

+Daily Abhyanga Oil Massage and Baking Soda Bath. Oiling  and inducing sweat are both well-known therapies to remove deep-seated toxins.

+Daily movement (yoga, walking), gentle breath work (pranayama) and meditation. 

+Mental Detox. Unplug from that which does not serve.

Benefits of a Spring Cleanse:

+Increases the digestive capacity

+Removes toxins from the system

+Removes heaviness and congestion from the body

+Removes heaviness and congestion from the mind

+Enhances the “Satvic” (balanced) state of an individual

+Enhances energy and feelings of wellness (prior to the cleanse; during the cleanse one may  experience low energy due to the flushing of toxins and mild diet)

+Increases one’s confidence and motivation levels

Cleanse Menu Options:

Local (Los Angeles Area) and Non-Local Includes:

+ Phone or In-Person In-take and Out-take with Sound Session (if ordered below)

+ E-mail or text support for 3-weeks (week prior to, during and after the cleanse)

+You will be given your recommended food in-take, the recipes and additional daily meditations with exercise recommendations to support your cleanse.

+Analysis of your imbalance with customized spice, juice and tea selection to support cleansing and rebalancing.

+(3) Guided Meditations to Support the Cleanse.

Cost for Guidance, Sound and Analysis:

Option A for 3-8 days Supplies

Option A: Cleanse Guidance, Analysis & Custom Tea/Spice Blends ~ Total Cost: $144 Click Here

Option B for 3-8 days Supplies

(for 13 or 21 days inquire for custom quote as the protocol has some different aspects to it. Great for deep healing and balancing)

Option B: Cleanse Guidance, Sound, Analysis & Custom Tea/Spice Blends

Supplies ($144 + $54) Total Cost: $198 Click Here

If you want to cleanse for longer, e-mail or text Suzanne for pricing.

Ala Carte

(Must have completed a cleanse prior with Suzanne)

Cost of Tea Only for the Cleanse : $34, 5-8 days

$34 Tea Only ~ Click Here (Refill to use after the cleanse is complete)

Spice Blend Only for the Cleanse: $34, 5-8 days

$34 Spice Blend Only ~ Click Here (Refill to use after the cleanse is complete)

Daily Self Massage

Daily Self Massage Oil 14 oz: $34 ~ Click Here


You will supply fresh veggies and juice. In addition, you will be responsible for preparing your recipes, tea and juice daily. You can purchase the juice if you do not have a juicer.

Duration of the Cleanse: 3, 5, or 8 days available during Spring Season. Also, available 13 or 21 days.

Time for the entire cleansing process 3 weeks. There is a lead in and lead out protocol.

Steps to Register:

1. email ‘She’ at s@suzannetoro.com

2. Suzanne will e-mail you an in-take.

3. Pay for your cleanse based on the above.

4. Your Items will be available for pick-up or will be shipped to you.

Your in-take, out-take and sound sessions will be scheduled.

Please note: if items are shipped she will send you a separate payment request for the shipping total.


Reflections from Clients that have completed the Cleanse

“Suzanne makes doing a cleanse easy. She gives great instructions/assistance.  I felt a clearing after the cleanse.  It was as if everything was brighter.  I also felt as if the bloating I was experiencing had left. It was a good experience. I will definitely do it again.” ~ Janet H.

“Before the spring cleanse with Suzanne Toro, I was feeling low energy, foggy and just well void.   After the cleanse, I feel more grounded and in the body, lighter energetically and more aware of my body and it’s needs.  I am grateful for Suzanne’s clear wisdom and support.” ~ Stacey F.

“The cleanse experience provided a space for reflection and refinement on how I can modify my diet in the future. Thanks to Suzanne’s support I was able to clearly define what foodstuff’s work for me!” ~ Matthew F.

“My experience with the kitchari cleanse under Suzanne’s guidance was a positive and valuable one.  I have got to know myself better internally and emotionally in regards to my eating habits, patterns, and food addictions (i.e. – sugar, coffee, overeating, social media).  I clearly noticed when I was craving comfort food and the reason for it.  Most days, I felt grounded and clear during the cleanse.  Since I have a full time job and an active family, my fidelity was not 100% every day, but I was still able to practice self compassion and continued doing my best.  I didn’t experience hunger or didn’t feel restricted.  I napped most evenings that week, so some days I found myself not needing to have dinner.  I trusted myself and felt a sense of conviction when making a decision, whether it was about the cleanse, my job, or my family.  Knowing that the sugar, caffeine, or chemicals were not a part of my diet that couple of weeks felt loving and kind.  I also enjoyed carving in quiet and sacred time for Self.  Knowing that Suzanne was available and holding space for the process to unfold as it may, in a nonjudgmental way, was so helpful.  This cleanse felt like a radical act of self love as I asked for healing and a shift in perspective.  Thank you Suzanne!  Forever grateful for all your teachings/courses.  Grateful for my willingness to learn how to better show up in the world and be my own healer, my own guru.  Thank you Universe!”  ~Graciela S.

“Great week to refocus on mind, body, soul and self care. More than nourishment, this is a process of bringing full intention to positive, healthy life practices.” ~ Christina B.

“I’m so happy that I chose to do the seven day kitchari cleanse with the support and assistance of Suzanne Toro.  In many ways it was a reset for my mind and body. It was a great support in the emotional transition I was going through at the time.  By the end of the seven days I felt more grounded, more clear in my mind, emotionally and physically lighter, and overall happier.  I discovered new eating and lifestyle habits that I was surprised to find out really work for my body type and have since incorporated them into my everyday life.  I felt supported and encouraged every step of the way which really helped me build trust in the cleansing process and in my own body.   Thank you Suzanne!  Would definitely do it again!”  ~ Rachel B.