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Suzanne Toro, Hosts and Produces, Indie Creators in the JoyZone. She is dedicated to raising your vibration and celebrating Indie Creators. In addition, she welcomes everyone listening and participating into the JoyZone, which will perk up your day and potentially give you a new perspective on what is possible. Suzanne uses her wit, candor and good vibrations to dig deep into topics that the guests and listeners might be ready or ‘not’ to share and explore.

She is ‘amped up’ and will continue to shine a light on creativity, innovation and excellence.

Indie Creators (AKA Guests)

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About the Host

Suzanne Toro is an Author, Wellness & Food Alchemist, Educator, Radio Broadcaster and Sound Therapist. Suzanne has 25 years of business, education, design and wellness experience and studies. She is skilled at empowering individuals and groups to transform their relationship with self and others. She is passionate about teaching her clients and listeners how to cultivate a way of life that will support balance, inner peace and success. Suzanne leads national and international workshops/retreats and teaches to diverse audiences ranging from the Business World to remote Jungle settings. During these sessions, she teaches her clients how to improve communication, maintain well-being, become a self-reliant, team player and a team player. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Arizona State University’s, College of Architecture and Environmental Design.

Projects Suzanne Created and/or Contributed to: Author of Bare Naked Bliss, BeSimply Radio Producer, Apl Foundation, Jeepney Music with Apl de Ap of the Black Eyed Peas, Chopra Center New York Educator and Media Development, ProjectReel Television Pilot Producer and Principal Partner of a Marketing and Promotional Development Company (Client base of Fortune 100 and 500 Companies), Joy Score Live TVseries, Kid’sTake…Bullied to the Brink Documentary Film and Bullied to the Brink, short film. She was a TV Host and Producer on Joy Score Live. She is currently a TV and Radio Host & Producer on Indie Creators in the JoyZone and on Sol Vibes & Indie Creators on Oneness Talk Radio. 

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 OmToro Productions produces BeSimply Radio Programming, Indie Creators in the JoyZone on KLBP Long Beach Public Radio 99.1 FM, SolVibes & Indie Creators on Oneness Talk Radio, and Fighting Chance Film Education and written content with the intent to educate, inspire and assist others in transforming in their lives. In addition, we are dedicated to shining a light on the art, music, poetry, feature films, and other creative works. When we feature someone’s work in an interview with the creator and/or editorial it is to further assist them in their professional growth and outreach to our global community. All creative work(s) in blog postings and broadcasts are for educational purposes and used under the doctrine of “Fair Use.” BeSimply Radio is a not for profit agency that is self funded and does not take donations or sell any goods to support these productions. These productions are authentically created to educate others on how to live well balanced life. If you have any questions regarding any of the content created or used on this site please contact

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