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Each month there is a different rhythm that leads us into each lunar+solar cycle. These shifts can be supported by nourishing the mind, body, heart and soul. We are offering a monthly balance package for teens and adults.You can subscribe to this Sol+Luna Support as a monthly subscription or try it out one cycle at a time. Each Sol+Luna Cycle. In the near future we will have a limited edition available with a small batch of goodies to sent to you.

What is included:

(1) Monthly Inspiration + Guidance e-Art Card

(4) Seasonal e-Recipes by ‘She’ based on the Ayurvedic, Chinese Medicine and Seasonal Food Practices.

(1) New Moon & (1) Full Moon Meditations with transmissions + (1) Seasonal Solar Practice

(1) Lunar Cycle 8 Limbs of Yoga Sol.Silence & Sound Class Pass (1 per week-4 per lunar cycle)

(1) Body or Culinary Seasonal Support Recipe (DIY Tea Blends, Oil Blends and/or Seasoning Blends)

(1) Sol+Luna Prayer and Suggested Earth Offering

(1) LIVE Lunar Integration, Alignment, Support and HUMan Circle (Via ZOOM) exactly 1 week after the New Moon at 6PM PST. 

Recorded Call Available for those in different time zones.

All the content, recipes and offerings will support the Season that you are in. 

Orders will be e-mailed out 1 Week prior to the next New Moon. 

If ordered after the New Moon, we can send it late or at the next New Moon.

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Subscription Payment Options

(Sliding  Scale)

Lotus Offering $108.00 per Sol+Luna Cycle (Click Here to Subscribe)

Tree Offering $54.00 per Sol+Luna Cycle (Click Here to Subscribe)

Sunshine Offering $34.00 per Sol+Luna Cycle (Click Here to Subscribe)

Via Venmo send to @suzanne-toro (Plus Shipping)

OR request address to send a check too.

Include with Payment and via email to

Qty, Package Types, E-Mail and Mailing address.

One Time Order

Adult Package $108.00 per Sol+Luna Cycle (One Time Order)

Student Package $54.00 per Sol+Luna Cycle (One Time Order)

Currently, only available in the USA. Soon to be offered Internationally. After first shipment, we will send a confirmation email to continue your subscription.

If you want to test out the program for (1) month, send Suzanne an email to Subject of e-mail SOL + Luna Package.

Currently, only available on Planet Earth. Coming to a Galaxy Close to Here…Soon. 

If you want to test out the program for (1) month, select the options above.