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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How and why ‘She’ uses Sound? CLICK (here) to find out.

About Suzanne ‘She’

Suzanne’s LinkedIn Profile 

How do I schedule a session?

Book your session through the automated ‘menu’ (link above) or text Suzanne at 323-505-2989,
introduce yourself, send a few days and times that work for you, your email and full name.


What forms of Payment or offerings do you accept?

+Payment link  Click Here

It is set to PayPal and you can enter the amount.

You can also pay via Venmo @Suzanne-Toro, Zelle, Cash & Check.


What are your guiding Principles?

Fire – Earth – Metal – Water – Wood

What if, I cannot afford a session?

I offer all my sessions on a sliding scale. 
In addition, I have some self-help packages available (e-mail me for more details).

How does Suzanne prepare for a session and show up?

I prepare a clear sanctuary for your session
I honor my inner codes of ethics and uphold those in my personal and professional life.
I arrive to each session with a clear heart and mind.