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BeSimply...Anger {LoveSelf}
BeSimply…Anger {LoveSelf}

Anger. Kindness. Forgiveness. 'She' will discuss connecting to Anger. Finding the balance with bein…

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BeSimply...Alex Woodard {For the Sender}
BeSimply…Alex Woodard {For the Sender}

 Join Alex Woodward and ‘She’ as they dive into Alex’s work, wisdom and encouragement to let …

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BeSimply...The Dance Continues {CycleLife}
BeSimply…The Dance Continues {CycleLife}

Today, is in auspicious day for me... As a young child, I was very aware of the cycle of life. I wa…

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BeSimply...Forgive + Conscious Mind {Sound&Silence}
BeSimply…Forgive + Conscious Mind {Sound&Silence}

Join 'She' for a 15 minute Guided Meditation. Sound and Silence Meditation. A meditation that will a…

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BeSimply...Respect You {Food Alchemy}
BeSimply…Respect You {Food Alchemy}

Respect Yourself. Food Alchemy and Well Being. An opportunity to start taking care of you. We are sw…

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