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BeSimply...Respect Masculine {LoveSelf}
BeSimply…Respect Masculine {LoveSelf}

Respect the Masculine Energy within You. Harness your Free Will. …

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BeSimply...Stephan Schwartz {8 Laws of Change}
BeSimply…Stephan Schwartz {8 Laws of Change}

Join Stephan Schwartz as he shares an anthropologic view of how social outcome data can lead us to…

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BeSimply...Creative Energy Harness Objectivity {CycleLife}
BeSimply…Creative Energy Harness Objectivity {CycleLife}

During spring, we have the opportunity to work with the creative energy and harness it with objectiv…

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BeSimply...BE {Sound&Silence}
BeSimply…BE {Sound&Silence}

A Guided Meditation to connect you to the your ‘Breath, your CENTER’, inner peace and So Hum. …

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BeSimply...Flow into Spring {Food Alchemy}
BeSimply…Flow into Spring {Food Alchemy}

Spring Season. We will explore spring time and check into how to listen to your body and identify if…

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