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BeSimply...Feel into the Moment {LoveSelf}
BeSimply…Feel into the Moment {LoveSelf}

What are you feeling? Learn how feel. Learn embrace your feelings and understand where your feelings…

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BeSimply...Tolerance {Zen Master WuDe}
BeSimply…Tolerance {Zen Master WuDe}

Join Zen Master WuDe and ‘She’ as he shares wisdom about tolerance, patience, composure, listeni…

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BeSimply...Harmony + 'A' Breath {Presence}
BeSimply…Harmony + ‘A’ Breath {Presence}

Many people around the world have been reflecting on the world’s state of affairs. While, it i…

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BeSimply...Heart Sutra {Sound&Silence}
BeSimply…Heart Sutra {Sound&Silence}

A heart sutra meditation. A practice that will assist you in working with active compassion. In addi…

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BeSimply...Healthy Eating Habits {Food Alchemy}
BeSimply…Healthy Eating Habits {Food Alchemy}

Healthy eating habits provide you with a simple way to proactively take care of your well being. Dur…

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