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Feelings give all of us an indicator of the energy that is rising up internally and externally. It i…

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TEDxVail...Paul Churchill {Recovery Elevator}
TEDxVail…Paul Churchill {Recovery Elevator}

Presenting a deeper dive into TEDxVail talk with Paul Churchill and ‘She’. He will share his wis…

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BeSimply...Grief&Making Peace {LoveSelf}
BeSimply…Grief&Making Peace {LoveSelf}

 Grief is a the natural way of processing letting go of someone you love. In certain parts of the w…

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BeSimply...Sham {Sound&Silence}
BeSimply…Sham {Sound&Silence}

A guided meditation. The use of a mantra can assist you with quieting the mind for meditation. The w…

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BeSimply...Fall Food to Well Being {Alchemy}
BeSimply…Fall Food to Well Being {Alchemy}

'She' will discuss "fall food". Preparing for the season shift and adapting to change. Discover how …

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