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 Additional Testimonies

“I am truly blessed.  In my short life I have see it, done it, and probably broken it.   Years later I found (looking in a mirror) exactly how broken I was and could not put myself back together no matter how hard I tried so I accepted this broken man and fell further apart.   It finally caught up to me.  I DIED in APRIL 2015.  For some reason the DEVIL was scared of me and GOD had another calling for me.  Incubated for two weeks, and two weeks of recuperation and therapy,  I am here to breathe and be alive again.

Recently, an extremely beautiful person found her way to let me in her life again (Suzanne Toro).  She spoke to me and not at me..  did not judge that person that I was and had become.  I received her book “BARE NAKED BLISS” and it completely helped me look at things differently.  Just after one reading, this broken man was finding himself being put back together again.   Suzanne’s words and encouragement had saved this soul and I will forever be thankful!!!

In my darkest days and those times that I just wanted to end everything, she touched this heart and today,  I could not be more appreciative.  I honestly feel that the forces around us had her reach me and slowly put this man back together.

Thank you Suzanne..  you have a way of looking past what is broken and gluing it back together again.  Please keep up the AMAZING work!  You are definitely a touched woman!

With so much LOVE and APPRECIATION,  I will ALWAYS be in your corner!” ~King Leo