Mind You and Food: Unlocking Your Potential


A holistic program that unlocks the student’s potential. Suzanne instructs her class with an integrative approach. The class is a blend of wisdom of Chinese, Tibetan, Native American, Ayurvedic and Yogic systems. She couples this with knowledge from her combined 30 years of experience as an endurance athlete, who trained as a swimmer, marathon runner and yogi. In addition, her practical knowledge of how she retained balance and restored harmony in her life while raising a family, transitioned through major life changes, built her own businesses and consulted on a variety of business projects.

Students will learn how to develop a healthier relationship with food, self and others. Furthermore, they will unlock their potential and transform their lifestyle. Simultaneously, the participants will identify current imbalances. The students will learn how to transform their disharmony. Suzanne’s techniques give the students the skills to bring the entire body into balance. The results include well being, motivation, increased creativity and self-worth. In addition, each student will learn how, when and why to support your entire being (mind, body, heart and soul).

The results will include: develop and maintain a holistic relationship with self & others, reduce and eliminate stress/anxiety, learn how to harness your full potential, maintain a lifestyle that supports your well being and remember your worth.

Third Lunar Cycle of Spring…(You can join in at any time)

On-line Segments sent out on Tuesday’s April 19th, April 24th, May 1st and May 8th

Next Lunar Cycle…May 15th, May 22nd, May 29th  and June 5th

Group Class Monthly In-Person: 7:00PM – 9:30PM (Space is Limited RSVP via E-Mail) Tuesday, May 14th, June 12th, July 10th and August 18th ~ Exchange: $55

or Live Stream On-Line Group Class ~ Exchange: $ 34

 Start the class at anytime and set the pace at which you want to engage with the program

(i.e. – a full year, month by month, a month per season). The class is available on-line, in-person and one-on-one. 

An orientation will be offered to new students entering the program.

Register by following these steps:

RSVP to SuzanneToro@gmail.com

Make Payment Here: (Click Here)

Cost (you can also do 1, 2, 3 or 4 Classes per month, if that meets budget easier):

On-line $144 per 4 classes

Combo $197 (1) One-on-One + 3 online classes

One-on-One $275 per 4 classes (Private Class Scheduled Local & Non-Local)

Group Class Monthly In-Person (Space is Limited RSVP via E-Mail) $ 55 or On-Line $ 34


Sliding Scale Available Upon Request

Weekly Class Includes: 1.5 hours Class + On-line Diary Evaluation + 15 minute Phone Check-in Also Included: 4 Guided Seasonal Meditations, 4 Food/Recipe Segments, 4 Inspiration/Love Segments Monthly Process Group Offered Monthly (Local and Non-Local)

(All classes are on-going. You can start at anytime.)

This reserves your seat in the in-person or on-line class. Space is limited in both classes.

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