Mind You and Food: Unlocking Your Potential


An innovative program that unlocks the students potential. Suzanne instructs her class with grounded wisdom and a light heart. She teaches her students how to develop a relationship with food and self. Simultaneously, the participants identify their imbalances and learn how transform them. Suzanne’s techniques give the students the skills to bring the entire body into balance. She shares the importance of  listening to self. The results include increased motivation, creativity and more self-worth. In addition, each student will begin to know how, when and why to support your entire being (mind, body, heart and soul).

The results will include: develop and maintain a holistic relationship with self, reduce and eliminate stress/anxiety, learn how to harness your full potential and remember your worth.

Next Moon Cycle: December 18th, January 2nd(Tuesday), January 8th and January 15th

(You can join in at any time)

Start the class at anytime and set the pace at which you want to engage with the program (i.e. – a full year, month by month, a month per season). The class is available on-line, in-person and one-on-one. 

An orientation will be offered to new students entering the program.

Register by following these steps:

RSVP to SuzanneToro@gmail.com

Make Payment Here: (Click Here)

Amount Due: $250 in-person and $144 on-line

Next Moon Cycle: November 20th and 27th…December 4th and 11th

This reserves your seat in the in-person or on-line class. Space is limited in both classes.

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