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  • Join ‘She’ and Riley Etheridge as they explore his new album, ‘The Straight and Narrow Way’, wisdom and upcoming tour. Riley serendipitously collaborated to create this album and shares how…

  • Connect to your roots. The Alchemy of Food and Culture. Connect with simple ways to interact with food, develop a new relationship with how and what you eat. Discover new…

  • Join, ‘She’ and Joshua Onysko from Pangea Organics they will explore simple ways to support living well and in harmony with mother earth.

    Joshua shares his wisdom and passion for Pangea Organics, people empowered economics, employee directed giving, making choices that support the generations to come and his euphoric relationship he has with nature.

  • Join ‘She’ and Christina Lundberg as they discuss the story behind her film “For the Benefit of all Beings the Life of His Eminence Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche. Christina shares the treasure that is discovered when self grasping dissolves. The possibility within living life from non-dualistic perspective and loving all beings with equanimity in our heart…perfecting wisdom and compassion.

  • his segment we talk about the Corn and discuss the importance of “this grain” and its relationship to the mother energy and indigenous traditions. How to reclaim an energy of the sacred crops.

  • Join ‘She’ and Matteo as they dive into the inspiration found in building and living with the earth.

    Matteo shares his 300 plus day study of cobb building and the opportunity there is to building in community and commune with mother earth to create our dwellings.