empower you

  • Summer Food. Food Alchemy…Listening to YOU! Summer Food. Regenerate You. Simple ways to nourish self with ease. ‘She’ will assist you to connect deeper to food, others and the world…

  • During this segment…’She’ will discuss “socialization”. Educating self about how to socialize, evaluate the cause and effect engaging with the world around you and how to cultivate face to face relationships. Moving beyond the screens and false facades.

  • Stand in ‘IT’…emPOWER You!

    Currently, we are looking at a diverse workforce. One, that is filled with new bright eyed professionals that are not as willing to just go with the old corporate paradigms. These young professionals and even ones that have been in the workforce for twenty years, Generation X + Y, are holding new ideas coupled with higher levels of anxiety, depression and stress. Most of this is a bi-product of witnessing and enduring the deconstruction of a capitalist infrastructure.