• BeSimply…CycleLife {Flow}

    by admin

    This segment we will explore…the SUN, the element of fire. Discover and explore with ‘she’ the gifts of finding, attuning and expressing your inner fire. ‘She’ will share some simple ways to reclaim your power, discover the masculine energy within you and its relationship with your inner (agni) life force. You will move into the ‘next’ with more certainty.

  • During this segment…’She’ will discuss your inner fire energy. Honoring your ‘flame’ cultivating a harmonious conversation between the elements of water and fire. Between the creation energy, flow and purpose.…

  • Tis the Season…to embrace the FIRE!
    An Invitation is being LEFT at the hearth of our collective hearts.
    Asking each one of us…ONE by ONE to LOOK inward!

    The initial reaction might be…

      RUN like H E double hockey sticks,
      Stare deep into the darkness only to turn away from the light illuminating your soul,
      Play the BLAME Game OR
      Scream, Breathe, Drop and ROLL with the Cosmic Set and Setting!

  • A Special Thank You to Sacred Roots Holistic Healing,  Jenny Ahn and all of YOU! Connect with Upcoming Meditations, Retreats and Workshops! Connect with ‘She’ She is here to serve,…