• Rhapsody

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    Rhapsody Two energetic fieldsExpound energy from withinRendezvous in the still of the night. One brief moment ofLucid ecstasy InhalationExhalation ExpansionContraction A shutter, a rapture Composing the euphoric melody. By Suzanne Toro…

  • We will explore ‘love’ and it the powerful gifts it holds in  the heart center. These tools of breathwork, guided imagery, and wisdom will assist in clearing the heart and the mind. Ultimately, cultivating compassion, joy, peace, harmony and balance to assist us in loving ourselves from within. We reflect on nature and how it supports our life force and our collective heart energy.

  • Emotional responses are an indicator to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being how you are feeling about the present moment. In addition, your emotions help you understand what conditions build, sustain and/or deplete your well being.

    When, you feel an emotion rising from within, each one is filled with a positive charge of energy (nourishes your well being), negative charge of energy (depletes your well being) or a neutral (there is no charge). Your feelings indicate what nourishes your well being, where you need to take action, where you need to examine self (which follows with the need to heal/transform), where you need to come back into harmony, where you are holding back, and/or out of balance. Extreme emotional responses are a push from the inner being to come into harmony…these emotions will be expressed through excessive anger, laughter, crying, anxiety, sadness, grief, worry, doubt, righteousness and over compensation with the mask of ‘Pretending to BE HAPPY’.

  • BeSimply…Surrender {Here}

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    Ways to Maintain Harmony within YOU…Surrender HERE Surrender HERE. Cause and Effect Then, welcome remembering your natural state of being…harmony and bliss. At this juncture you will naturally come from…

  • Kitchari Cleanse, Tea and Juice Cleanse
    The Kitchari cleanse is a very mild version of the traditional “Pancha Karma” cleanse and can be safely performed at home with minimal guidance. This particular cleanse is suitable for all body types as it can be modified to fit everybody’s individual needs. This cleanse consists of taking in a mono-diet of the classical Ayurvedic dish, Kitchari, which will allow the digestive system to take a much-needed break, giving it new light and the ability to properly flush out toxins in the system. In addition, there will be tea and juice included in this cleanse.

  • BeSimply…Emotions{LoveSelf}

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    Feelings give all of us an indicator of the energy that is rising up internally and externally. It is possible to practice feeling into each moment before you think, speak…

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