inner well being

  • Learn how to align and reconnect with ‘Self’.  A key that will assist to loving self. We will explore how to find your FLOW and practice non-attachment.

  • Join ‘She’ and Robin Youngblood for a special meditation, call for healing and prayer. Robin will share here recent experiences with the mudslides in Washington State, how to help and remembering other areas of the world that have been effected to similar disasters. Then we connect to the Grandmother Tree and call for global healing for all beings on this beautiful planet earth.

  • Food Alchemy. A segment dedicated to educating you about how to nourish all of you. During this episode, She will share how to make Mango Lassi, Watermelon Soup, and the value of Nut Milks. Including the medicine from the coconut and simple ways to use it in your cooking and on your body.  Furthermore, She will share a perspective on food that has been past down from our ancestors that is rooted in simplicity and the seasons.