• We will explore ‘love’ and it the powerful gifts it holds in  the heart center. These tools of breathwork, guided imagery, and wisdom will assist in clearing the heart and the mind. Ultimately, cultivating compassion, joy, peace, harmony and balance to assist us in loving ourselves from within. We reflect on nature and how it supports our life force and our collective heart energy.

  • Rice. Philippines. The Alchemy of Food and Culture.
    Connect with simple ways to interact with food, develop a new relationship with how and what you eat.
    Discover new ways to nourish self, soil and society.

  • This segment we talk about “RICE” and discuss the importance of “this grain” and its relationship to the mother energy and indigenous traditions. How to reclaim an energy of the sacred crops. Reflecting back to the Philippines and the eighth wonder of the world.

  • Join ‘She’ for 54 minutes to work on the inner self. During this segment: Explore and Align with ‘Self’, How to reconnect to Self? We will discuss how to master…