omtara groovanda Krishna Das

  • Authentic Healing
    Authentic Healing starts with your willingness to meet the inner work by shifting your perspective, opening self to be patient with the process and discovering the inner knots that are the root cause of your suffering. In addition, trusting in the process and path to healing is important. Sometimes, we are not destined to heal in body or are destined to be free of our suffering in an instant. This is because that suffering is our teacher and rather than avoid it, I encourage you to face it when you are ready and have the strength and will to see the journey through to authentic healing. 
    Join me (aka she) for this segment that will help guide your to recognize where you are naturally ready to heal. Click on the player above or the links below. May your path to inner well being deliver you to a deeper understanding of inner peace, harmony and cause and effect. As inspire, contact me if you are needing guidance, have questions and/or want some support.