Random Acts of Kindness

  • BeSimply…Share {love}

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    Connect with Upcoming Meditations, Retreats and Workshops! Personal Retreats and Vision Quests! Connect with ‘She’ She is here to serve, inspire & shine a light on others. She is a…

  • After several encounters in nature at musical venues, all conditions aligned and Larisa and ‘She’ sat down for a cup of tea, a sharing between sisters, an interview and a…

  • BeSimply…Kind

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    Gift: Anyone who reads this page and then e-mails ‘she’ at s@suzannetoro.com the word servUS will receive a 22 minute guided heart meditation with ‘she’ via skype. Kindness… How can…

  • BeSimply…Sound Of Music

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    Flash Mobs, Random Acts of Culture, Improv…Keeping it Real. Are we craving spontaneous, song, whimsy, art and culture? All Expressions of our VOICE! What do you have to say?