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  • BeSimply…Courage {LoveSelf}

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    BeSimply..Courage {LoveSelf}

    Rather than attempt to make someone feel ashamed or feel shame internally you have the opportunity to be courageous and step into rite action with respect for self and others. As inspired, dive in to learn more. One small action towards well being will ripples that continue to be felt by self and others.

  • ‘She’ will discuss let go of the emotions connected to alone and discover how you can rely on yourself. Liberate the mind, body and/or soul.  Find the Gap. Tools to assist you…

  • Learn how to align and reconnect with ‘Self’.  A key that will assist to loving self. We will explore how to find your FLOW and practice non-attachment.

  • Ganesh. LoveSelf. Remove Obstacles.
     During this segment, we will explore the mind, speech and actions. Furthermore, She will share a simple practice to remove the obstacles from your daily life and from the world around us. These practices will be supportive of deepening your relationship with self and cultivating self love. In addition, She will share how Ganesh and his teachings is a helpful guide to learn from.

  • Forgive Self, Forgive Others and Be Free. We will be explore the authentic practice of forgiveness. When we release ‘self’ and others we create an opening for healing, transformation and clear forward moving.

  • Honor and embrace your self worth. Learn how to value you and embody all of you. In this segment we will connect to your innate gifts and the power that exists within you. In addition, learn how to discern where to place our energy.

  • xplore our self worth, How to reconnect to ‘self’, Walk through a self-empowerment visualization and meditation. This will assist you in BEing…YOU!
    Learn how to recognize the patterns of self sabotage. Recognize and welcome in your own ‘self’ worth through self respect and dignity.

  • Do you want to bring joy into your LIFE? Do you want to discover happiness?

    Simply, take an hour and treat your self to this segment that will teach you how to create joy. She will share how authentic happiness resides within you. It is not about grasping onto something external or filling self up with sense pleasures. It is about cultivating a deeper relationship with your natural state of being harmony.

  • “WE are ONE!” While, if we break our collective selves down to ONE molecule this might be true; however, ‘she’ has a feeling that would be REALLY boring!

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