• We have the freedom and power to make choices. The power rests in your inner state of being, self awareness and the infinite possibilities at our fingertips in every moment.

    Dive into this segment and explore the opportunity to discover where you exercise your power to choose and where you can improve showing up honestly and in alignment with you.

  • The Possible More than not we an get distracted by that which will keep us from seeing what is possible. The distraction is an opportunity to exercise our free will…

  • Emotional responses are an indicator to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being how you are feeling about the present moment. In addition, your emotions help you understand what conditions build, sustain and/or deplete your well being.

    When, you feel an emotion rising from within, each one is filled with a positive charge of energy (nourishes your well being), negative charge of energy (depletes your well being) or a neutral (there is no charge). Your feelings indicate what nourishes your well being, where you need to take action, where you need to examine self (which follows with the need to heal/transform), where you need to come back into harmony, where you are holding back, and/or out of balance. Extreme emotional responses are a push from the inner being to come into harmony…these emotions will be expressed through excessive anger, laughter, crying, anxiety, sadness, grief, worry, doubt, righteousness and over compensation with the mask of ‘Pretending to BE HAPPY’.