• Focus: Love or Fear. We are at a “Fork in the Road”. We will explore how to choose love or fear. We will examine ourselves. Evaluate ‘What is’. Then, we will determine how to do so and what the outcome shall be.

  • We have the freedom and power to make choices. The power rests in your inner state of being, self awareness and the infinite possibilities at our fingertips in every moment.

    Dive into this segment and explore the opportunity to discover where you exercise your power to choose and where you can improve showing up honestly and in alignment with you.

  • Winter is a time to balance the energy of water, release fear, find courage and practice living in freedom. The simply opportunity to ADAPT in every moment. By adapting within…

  • Guided meditation and mantra practice…connecting and communicating to the higher realms.
    As we explore Om Budhaya Namaha…Connecting with Mercury, our Health and our Intelligence…A great way to generate a deeper understanding of your relationship to Mercury. Inspired by the green emerald that always stares me down and the power of communication. Many people feel that nothing can go right during Mercury Retrograde; however, with awareness you can take the opportunity to learn, rejuvenate and expand…Connect with the emerald light. co-creator: BlueStar

  • Today, is in auspicious day for me…
    As a young child, I was very aware of the cycle of life. I was cognisant of my relationship to birth and death. At the age of 5, I had a transcendental moment when I said to myself, “I am here again.” (I shared this story in the book I wrote, Bare Naked Bliss). In that moment, I came into awareness within my physical body as it was related to my soul’s journey. I sensed deeply that I had been here and apart of this world, prior to this life. Shortly after this moment, I had a deep awareness and yearning to know the day I was going to die. Not years prior but actually the day of or a few days before. This was inspired after watching a film about Sitting Bull (at the age of 7 or 8) and his contemplation of death prior to entering a battle. His ability to listen every morning at sunrise and approach the battle and death with stillness inspired me. These were deep thoughts for a young child and quite natural for an eternal being who wanted to sharpen her awareness and practices within the present moment (in or out of body).

  • Take Action. Moving from feelings… to our emotions into ACTION. Learn how we can feel, emote and then move into action for the benefit of self and others. Learn how to moving into clear action.