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  • Guided meditation and mantra practice…connecting and communicating to the higher realms.
    As we explore Om Budhaya Namaha…Connecting with Mercury, our Health and our Intelligence…A great way to generate a deeper understanding of your relationship to Mercury. Inspired by the green emerald that always stares me down and the power of communication. Many people feel that nothing can go right during Mercury Retrograde; however, with awareness you can take the opportunity to learn, rejuvenate and expand…Connect with the emerald light. co-creator: BlueStar

  • BeSimply…BlueStar Emerging

    by admin

    Blue Star Emerging…The Purification has Begun. Greetings! Have you felt tested in the past few years, days, hours or minutes? Are you pondering our collective existence on planet earth? Are…

  • Join ‘She’ as we connect deeper with self and ‘US”…exploring our inner landscape and discovering what the collective self needs…Connecting with ‘Self’ Supporting the Tribe: Book a One on One…

  • BeSimply…Perfection

    by admin

    Find our Center… We are Perfection…join US in a circle intended to release any disEASE we are experiencing on a personal to a collective level. Suffering is a choice and…

  • BeSimply…Truth in LOVE

    by admin

    A message from Blue Star: “Blessings to you and your loved ones! I send out Love from my core as we continue this global transition together! Today as I was…

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