charles shaw

  • An Exclusive by EcoSalon Read More (Click Here) An additional interview with Charles Shaw and ‘She’ (Click Here) Shining a Light on another Film and Performance Teaching Project that will assist…

  • Join ‘She’ and Charles Shaw as the discuss his recent documentary “Exile Nation…The Plastic People”, humanity, human rights and his upcoming wisdom and film dedicated to giving those suffering from trauma wisdom and a sense they too can heal. His next film is “At Home in the Dark”. Please connect to the links below and if inspired to support post-production of this film.

  • Join ‘She’ and Charles as they have a dialogue connecting with his inner landscape and our collective exterior landscape. Charles shares authentically his journey through the depths of prison, activism, drugs, plant medicine, immigration, soon to be released film: The Plastic People, healing and his inter-dimensional awaking to the seen and the unseen.